How to Use Baskets for Storage

How to Use Baskets for Storage

Caught up on how to use a basket for storage? Well, you’re in the right place.

In this article, we’ll take you through how you can use baskets for efficient storage to ensure you’re making the most of your space and solutions. Because, you know what they say - a tidy room, a tidy mind. 

Read on to discover how to use baskets for storage…

How to use baskets for storage - the key factors to consider 

Just like you would when choosing any type of storage solution, there are several factors that you should consider before committing to a purchase, or you risk investing in a basket that’s not suitable for your needs. 

  • Basket size - there are many baskets for storage available in various sizes, so make sure you choose the best option to fit your space or the volume of items you plan on storing away. This is especially important if you’re planning on slotting it into a tight area, such as within a nook, wardrobe or cupboard space. 

  • Basket material - if you’re planning on organising items that need a well-ventilated environment, choose a basket that allows for this. Natural wicker baskets, for example, are ideal - as they are weaved to allow for optimum breathability, allowing the air to circulate around the contents stored within the basket.

  • Basket durability - along with breathability, the materials used to create the basket will play a role in how long-lasting and durable it is. So, to avoid spending your hard-earned money on flimsy baskets, consider the quality and integrity of the materials used. Natural is always best! 

  • Basket aesthetics - it goes without saying that if you’re investing in quality baskets, you’ll want their appearance to match your decor preferences and blend seamlessly with their surroundings. This is especially true if you plan to place them in the open on display. So, don’t settle! There’s bound to be a perfect match for your home out there. 

  • Basket purpose - whilst many wicker baskets can be used for various purposes, it’s always good to have a general idea of what you’ll use them for before buying. That way, you’ll be able to refine your search to match your specific needs and requirements. 

  • Basket accessibility - would you benefit from added features? For example, if you’re planning on using a basket for storing away firewood, would you want the basket to feature wheels for swifter transportation when re-stocking? Really think about what would be the most beneficial to your everyday life, and don’t settle for something that doesn’t match that standard.  
  • Why using wicker baskets for storage will always be the best 

    Quality wicker baskets are easily the most versatile storage solutions to use around the home. They’ll provide a practical and beautiful-looking addition to your space, no matter where you position them. 

    There are so many wonderful ways to make the most out of wicker baskets for storage, which we’ll get into later in this article. However, for now, here are several reasons why natural wicker baskets are seen as a popular choice for home storage purposes: 

    • You’ll have a lot of choices, making it easier than ever to find baskets that match your style. From colours and sizes to shapes, designs and types - you name it, there’s a wicker basket that’ll suit what you’re looking for. 
    • Wicker baskets are renowned for being the most sustainable and environmentally friendly option compared to their plastic counterparts. 
    • Premium wicker baskets will last for many years, even with rigorous use. Natural materials, such as rattan or bamboo, offer exceptional strength and durability qualities, which makes them ideal for storage solutions. 
    • They’re timeless - wicker baskets have been around for centuries and have never gone out of style. 
    • We can’t speak for other retailers, but here at Wovenhill, our baskets are woven to be naturally breathable - which is key to ensuring the contents within your basket stay fresh, ventilated and free from dampness. We guarantee this by the quality of the wickerwork showcased throughout our collections. 
    • We offer various baskets for storage that are made to feature extra practical details (e.g. wheels for smoother transportation or inset handles for improved portability).
    • Wicker baskets can be (and are!) used for various purposes, so you’ll be able to switch it up as little or as often as you wish. 

    How to eliminate clutter with wicker storage baskets 

    So, if you’re wondering how to use baskets for storage and looking for inspiration, you’ll be glad to know that there are many ways to neatly organise your home with these versatile solutions. 

    See below for some of the best and most effective ways of using wicker baskets for storage around your home. 

    Living room storage baskets

    Living room spaces are zones where clutter accumulates in what almost feels like the blink of an eye. 

    It’s the room where you’ll likely entertain loved ones, unwind in front of the TV for some ‘me time’ or lounge with your family. So, naturally, we tend to have a lot of stuff going on in that room! 

    Our advice would be to keep the space as practical as possible without compromising your style and decor preferences. 

    So, whether you need somewhere to store your comforts, such as extra blankets or cushions, or a place to stuff your magazines, tea lights, board games or other bits you’ll frequently use, by adding wicker baskets - you’ll have a place where you can grab everything you need, and it’ll be within arm's reach. 

    Which type of basket you decide to add to your living room will ultimately depend on its purpose, the space of the room and what’s convenient for you.  

    For example, you may add wicker baskets to feature within existing furniture or add a large wicker basket as a coffee table alternative for a more discreet, multipurpose storage solution. 

    Set of 2 Square Seagrass Storage Baskets

    Square Seagrass Storage Baskets - shop today.

    Pantry baskets

    As we mentioned earlier, our wicker baskets are woven to be naturally well-ventilated storage solutions. 

    What we mean by this is, air can enter the basket and circulate around the contents of what’s being stored within, helping the items remain fresh and in a desirable condition. So, this makes wicker baskets an ideal storage solution for pantries or kitchen cupboard spaces. 

    From loaves of bread and jarred goods to fresh fruits, sweet treats and vegetables, adding wicker baskets to your pantry or kitchen cupboard space will provide you with the organisation you need to keep your items unspoiled and ready to use. Plus, it’s incredibly satisfying to look at when all your bits and pieces are organised. 

    Wicker baskets are also easy to clean, making them well-suited to areas of the home that might be more prone to a little mess every now and then. So, if you ever find yourself with a spill on your hands, simply wipe it up with warm soapy water and a cloth, and you’re done!

    Milton Natural Rattan Shelf Baskets

    (Photo Credit - @old_cottage_life) Milton Natural Rattan Shelf Baskets - shop now.

    Baskets for playroom storage 

    Baskets for storage are absolutely essential if you have little ones. After all, one of the most challenging aspects of parenthood can be ensuring everyday items are kept neatly and out of the way. 

    From nappies and dummies to books, fancy dress clothing and (what feels like) an endless supply of toys, playrooms are bound to become a recipe for clutter. Combat this by incorporating a quality basket for storage into the mix! 

    Wicker Grey Wash Hamper

    (Photo credit - @Naomi) Wicker Grey Wash Hamper - shop now.

    If you’ve got the space, we’d recommend a large basket for storage to ensure you can fit everything you need into one place.

    Alternatively, if you prefer the idea of separate baskets to hold particular items, such as one solution for toys and another for essentials, our customers have been known to repurpose our log baskets for this due to their depth and capacity potential. 

    Kubu Rattan Square Log Basket with Hoop Handles

    Kubu Rattan Square Log Basket with Hoop Handles - shop now. 

    Wicker baskets for nooks and coves 

    Are you stumped on how to use a certain area in your home, perhaps a cove or nook with an unusual shape that makes it impossible to find the right furniture?

    If this sounds all too familiar, try adding a visually appealing yet practical storage basket that serves a real purpose to you, so you can finally start to make the most of that space.  

    Many of our customers have used a wicker basket for storage to slot in these areas, allowing them to put that space to good use. As a prime example, check out how Ellis styled one of these ‘awkward’ spaces below. 

    They’ve added one of our gorgeous Kubu Rattan Storage Trunks to this empty spot and styled it at an angle for a subtle yet noticeable touch to the living space. 

    Now, a bulky furniture addition would’ve been too much here, so instead, they’ve incorporated this beautiful basket for storage purposes, which will ultimately provide a practical solution, too. The perfect finishing touch to an already beautifully styled living room!

    Kubu Rattan Storage Trunk

    (Photo Credit - @Ellis) Kubu Rattan Storage Trunk - shop now. 

    Entryway baskets

    Entryways tend to be high-traffic areas of the home, as it’s where your shoes, keys, coats and other miscellaneous items usually live. Wicker baskets are commonly added to entryway side table units to neatly tuck away the belongings that you take with you when you’re leaving the house. 

    Our advice is subtle changes make the most impact in this room. A small wicker basket to act as a dedicated storage space for your little items, such as your wallet and house keys, and a large set of baskets to hide your shoes, gloves and hats are all you require to have this space organised in no time.  

    Set of 2 Square Kubu Storage Baskets

    (photo credit - @insidenumbersixteen) Set of 2 Square Kubu Storage Baskets - shop today.

    Wicker log baskets for firewood storage 

    If it’s a stylish touch you’re after, there’s nothing quite like adding a log basket to feature next to your log burner. And, of course, you’ll be adding a practical solution, but it’ll also likely feel like you’ve found that ‘missing piece’ from a decor perspective. 

    For firewood storage, we recommend specifically designed baskets for logs with lining. This will ensure that any stray pieces of firewood are prevented from escaping the basket, keeping everything neat and tidy. Extra features, such as handles or wheels, might also come in handy for this purpose. 

    It’s worth mentioning that, here at Wovenhill, our entire selection of classic log baskets and log baskets with wheels include a complementary organic Jute liner, designed to fit the basket perfectly. So, you won’t have to worry about looking for a liner separately to match seamlessly with your new log basket, as we always include one with your purchase. 

    Kubu Woven Oblong Lined Log Baskets with Hoop Handles

    (Photo credit - @ourmcdermottchatham) Kubu Woven Oblong Lined Log Baskets with Hoop Handles - shop now.

    Bathroom storage baskets

    Wicker baskets work particularly well for spaces like bathrooms, simply because the exposure to excess moisture won’t impact the quality of your storage solutions like it would for other readily available options. 

    From towels, extra supplies and facial cloths to toilet rolls and hygiene products, you’ll be able to store virtually anything you need to without the contents becoming damp or damaged. A great idea would be to either add wicker baskets to your shelving or as a stylish addition to your bathroom cupboards for optimum organisation. 

    Set of 4 Kubu Storage Baskets

    Set of 4 Kubu Storage Baskets - shop now. 

    Utility room baskets 

    Utility rooms are usually where your laundry basket lives, but there’s no reason why you can’t use additional wicker baskets for other storage purposes and needs. It’ll make the space not only much easier to navigate but it’ll also help to create a more visually appealing utility room. 

    Use baskets to keep your everyday essentials in one place, such as your laundry detergent pods and cleaning supplies, and why not add an additional basket to store your ironing pile? The more order to this room, the better!  

    Under-bed storage

    If your bed permits it, slotting wicker baskets underneath is an incredibly convenient way of discreetly storing away items that you don’t necessarily need on the daily. So, for example, your padded winter coats during the spring and summer seasons.  

    Just because wicker baskets are pretty, doesn’t mean you have to have them out for the world to see, especially if it’s not practical for you. Sometimes you need to work with the layout and the space you have, and because of this, many of our customers use our wicker baskets for discreet, under-the-bed storage. 

    All you’ll need to do is accurately measure the space to ensure you’re purchasing the correct wicker basket dimensions, and simply slot them in as if they were made to be there. 

    Baskets for your home office 

    With remote working more popular than ever, many have transformed their spare room into dedicated office spaces. 

    When you’re in the zone and smashing it at work, there’s nothing more frustrating than your focus being disrupted because you’re frantically having to search for your laptop charger. So, use wicker baskets to your advantage, making a home for all the little things you’ll need throughout your working day. 

    Many of our customers have used our wicker baskets for home office organisation. So, you may use a basket solely for extra stationary supplies, another for your chargers, and one for your folders and any other assets you’ll need to be within an easy-to-reach distance. If this sounds appealing to you, check out our storage basket collection. You’ll find plenty of wicker baskets for storage available in either a set of two, three or four.

    Set of 3 Milton Brown Rattan Storage Baskets

    Set of 3 Milton Brown Rattan Storage Baskets - shop now.

    Wovenhill: the home of premium wicker baskets for storage 

    We hope you’ve found our take on how to use baskets for storage useful. But remember, you can use baskets for various storage needs, so feel free to get creative with how and what works best for you. 

    At Wovenhill, we take pride in knowing that we offer the best and most extensive selection of natural wicker baskets on the market. Our promise is that we only ever use ethically sourced and sustainably produced materials to create our collections, granting our customers the freedom to choose baskets made from Premium Rattan, Seagrass, Bamboo, Water Hyacinth and Kubu Rattan. 

    No matter how you plan to use baskets for storage, we’re confident that you’ll find the perfect solution to match what you’re looking for with us. So, if our article has inspired you to organise your home, check out the rest of our website today for premium quality baskets that’ll also stand the test of time. 

    Shop luxury wicker baskets for storage at Wovenhill today

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