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What Are the Different Types of Log Baskets?

If you've had a quick skim over our log basket selection and find yourself struggling to decide which type is right for you - you’re in the right place. 

At Wovenhill, we’ve carefully curated our log basket collections to deliver a broad range of styles, types and designs, which are also available in many sizes and shapes. So, we wouldn’t blame you for feeling a little indecisive!

We’ll be taking you through each log basket type, determined by their key differentiating features, which will hopefully help you to decide which option is ideal for you. 

Read on to discover the different types of log baskets available at Wovenhill…

Log baskets at Wovenhill.

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Log basket materials 

We’ve been pretty active in talking about the variety of natural and renewable resources that are used to create our wicker basket offering (click here to read all about it!). And, the same applies to our log baskets. 

For our log basket collections, you’ll be able to explore a variety of options made from either Kubu Rattan, Bamboo or Premium Rattan. See below for more information on each material type. 

Kubu rattan log baskets

Our Kubu Rattan log baskets are renowned for their rustic, earthy appearance. They offer a softer tone than our other options, ideal for those looking to add homely and gentle touches to their home. 

Our Kubu Rattan is ethically sourced from the thriving tropical forests of Indonesia, and it’s one of the most sustainable natural materials on the planet. Plus, it’s an incredibly strong material by nature, renowned for its durability qualities. 

You’ll notice we offer a variety of colour finishes, ranging from grey tones to sandy shades. This is because Kubu Rattan that’s been treated using traditional methods will feature a lighter, grey tint, whereas untreated Kubu Rattan will showcase more of a light and bright earthy complexion. 

Kubu Rattan Tall Oblong Log Basket with Wheels - shop now.

Bamboo log baskets 

Next, we have Bamboo, which is another one of our main materials of choice for our log baskets. 

Split Bamboo is another incredibly ethical material, which we also source from tropical forests. Split Bamboo log baskets can be produced without harming the source of the bamboo, and it regenerates incredibly fast.

It’s also a perfect material for wicker techniques, as it offers the flexibility required to create unique designs, without compromising the overall quality and robustness of the log basket. 

Exceptionally durable, lightweight and distinct in appearance, Split Bamboo is an ideal element to use for log baskets. Our Bamboo log basket range showcases a deeper, warmer chestnut tone, a really great choice for those who love their log burner features to stand out. 

Bamboo Oval Log Basket with Wheels and Hoop Handles - shop now.

Premium rattan log baskets 

Next, we have our gorgeous log basket collection that’s made purely from Premium Rattan. Our Premium Rattan wicker is sourced from the lushest and most dense forests found in Indonesia. 

Premium Rattan is actually one of the first materials we ever used to create our log basket collections. This is because we were able to create incredibly long-lasting log baskets from an ethical source, as Rattan has an impressive regrowth ability, and it can also be harvested without having a detrimental impact on the environment. 

You’ll notice many of our log baskets are made from Premium Rattan, ideal if you’re looking for a log basket that won’t succumb to wear and tear easily! Plus, it’s incredibly versatile, meaning we can use it to showcase a catalogue of wicker designs. 

Bronze Rectangular Log Basket with Wooden Handles - shop now.

Willow wicker log baskets

Our Willow wicker log baskets are incredibly sturdy, and it’s actually wood instead of rattan, although the appearance is very similar. Willow is a superb material for wicker log baskets, as not only is it lightweight, but it’s also softer and offers more flexibility than other wood materials. 

Available in many styles and lovely colours, our entire Willow log basket range is of premium quality, with each option made from Willow that is ethically sourced and sustainably produced. 

If you adore features that appear effortlessly elegant and luxurious, our Willow log basket collections are perfect for you. Willow has a naturally subtle, yet noticeable glossy finish, and it can be used to weave a variety of wicker designs, making it a highly versatile material for a log basket. 

Oval Grey Wash Log Basket with Wooden Handles - shop now.

For more detailed information on the natural materials we use here at Wovenhill, click here.

Log basket shapes 

The log basket shapes we have available are oblong, rectangular, square, and oval, with each shape available in varying sizes. 

The variety we offer is something we’ve really put work into achieving with our log baskets range, because, let’s face it - it’s never one size fits all! And, the shape of a log basket is much more than just a style choice - it’ll also dictate the overall capacity of the log basket, as well as how transportable it is.  

So, before committing to a shape, make sure the log basket ticks all the boxes for your needs: 

  • Does the shape match your decor aesthetic?
  • Will it sit comfortably next to your fire feature?
  • Does the log basket shape offer the capacity you require for your firewood of choice?  
  • Will this shape be practical for you to manoeuvre?
  • Can you carry the log basket easily?

Bamboo Rattan Rectangle Storage Log Basket with Wheels and Hoop Handles - shop now.

Log basket colours

Contrary to popular belief, log baskets made from natural materials can come in a variety of colour finishes, which aren’t achieved artificially. 

At Wovenhill, our log baskets are available in grey wash, bronze and an assortment of natural colour variations, which include earthy tints and sandy hues. So, depending on the look and feel you’re trying to achieve, we’re certain our selection offers something that’ll catch your eye!

Log baskets with wheels

Do you struggle to carry a fully loaded log basket back and forth? Well, you need one of our log baskets with wheels. Our log baskets with wheels are incredibly practical, and we only use premium castor wheel placements for our entire collection.

So, you’ll be investing in an incredibly sturdy and durable log basket no matter what option you choose, and you’ll have the benefit of being able to glide it alongside you without having to struggle to lift it. 

Plus, many of our log baskets with wheels are still made to feature handles, so, should you ever prefer to carry it - you'll still have the option to do so. The best of both worlds!

We offer a broad range of log baskets with wheels, available in plenty of sizes, styles, shapes and material options to choose from.

Kubu Rattan Rectangular Log Basket with Wheels - shop now.

Log baskets without wheels 

Following on from the above, some people will prefer the look and feel of classic log baskets. Which, of course, we cater for here at Wovenhill.

If the addition of wheels just simply isn’t a big deal for you or not something you’d benefit from, then you’ll be glad to know that we offer an extensive selection of log baskets without them. 

We do, however, add a handle design in one way or another, even if it's discreetly (e.g. inset handles). Our more obviously placed handles are located in the most practical spots, which is usually either to the side of the log basket or towards the top. These handles can either be made from premium quality wood, rope or of the same material used to create the log basket.

So, you’ll still benefit from having access to additional, worthwhile features with a classic log basket style - just not in the form of wheels! 

Log baskets with eco-friendly jute liners

Our eco-friendly jute liners have become extremely popular with our customers, so we decided to add them to every single one of our log baskets, free of charge. Some retailers do require you to purchase these separately, however, for us, this didn’t make sense. 

Ideally, you want a jute liner that’s made for/fits your log basket perfectly for enhanced breathability and tidiness, which is why we made the decision to add our organic liners as standard. So, when you purchase a log basket from Wovenhill, it’ll arrive with one of these ultra-handy, premium-quality log basket inserts. 

Log baskets with handles 

As we mentioned earlier, there are plenty of handle options available within our extensive log basket range, which include wooden handles, rope handles or hooped handles made from various natural materials. You’ll just need to decide which option works best for you. 

 Wooden handles

Log baskets with wooden handles are ideal for those who love a traditional touch. It’s also an ultra-sturdy and durable material, meaning it’ll make for a reliable handle feature for many years to come. 

Oval Bronze Log Basket with Wooden Handles - shop now.

Rope handles 

Rope handles are perfect for those who want a rustic look and feel to their log basket, providing a little more flexibility to how you carry it. Our rope handles are incredibly reliable, made from premium resources, which are fused together to create a lovely plaited look. The rope is then attached firmly to the basket, concealed with a wicker trim. Beautiful! 

Kubu Rattan Rectangular Log Basket - shop now.

Hooped handles

Our hooped handles are made from the same material as the log basket that it’s designed to feature on, ideal for those who love the look of continuity! Take our Kubu Rattan Square Log Basket with Hoop Handles as a prime example - these handle placements are also made from premium quality Kubu Rattan, offering all of the durable and sturdy benefits found throughout the log basket. 

Kubu Rattan Square Log Basket with Hoop Handles - shop now.

Shop the best quality log baskets at Wovenhill 

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the different types of log baskets we have available here at Wovenhill. 

We’re proud to offer such an excellent selection of options for our customers, so we’re confident that we have the perfect basket waiting for you. 

And remember, when you choose Wovenhill - you’re choosing a long-lasting, beautiful addition to your home that’s made from ethically sourced and sustainably produced materials. It’s cool to be kind to the environment! 

So, be sure to check out the rest of our website to view our entire range of what we have to offer! 

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