About Us


Who we are 

We embarked on our journey back in 2001, and ended up creating something we could have only ever dreamed of back then. We are Wovenhill. 

We’re just a small group of normal, down-to-earth people, who all share the same passion - a loathing for plastic. And as it happens, so did many others!

Jokes aside, we just got really sick and tired of plastic storage solutions. 

The quality was never (ever) right, and every plastic storage solution we owned either broke entirely or, worse - looked about 500 years old in just a couple of months. 

So, we thought, enough is enough. There had to be a better solution, right?

Our journey

We knew that we wanted to create something extraordinary. But, where to start? We turned our focus to research. And what we found was probably worse than any of us thought initially. 

The impact plastic has on our environment is pretty much common knowledge nowadays. But back in 2001, the issue was only just starting to become ‘news’. We decided that it wasn’t something we wanted to do, and ultimately, we decided to look into the ethics behind raw materials. And, it turned out to be a winner. 

We tried and tested various materials in our quest to create the best range of wicker storage solutions. And in every single way, natural resources surpassed plastic alternatives with flying colours. 

This saw us being able to create our first-ever range, which was more durable, sturdy, breathable, and long-lasting than anything we had used before - with an enhanced amount of choice compared to what was on the market. 

Take rattan as a prime example. It regenerates at an incredibly fast rate, seen as one of the most renewable materials in the world. That meant we could start doing what we set out to do, with next to no impact on the environment. 

We’ve gone from our first rattan prototype to an entire catalogue of creations, made from some of the most sustainable materials on the planet. That’s something we’re really proud of. 

We’ve always been the kind of people who care about our environment and the impact we have, so it almost feels like we naturally fell into creating the best natural wicker storage solutions on the planet by accident. 

In 2021, we joined forces with Direct Heating Group as part of their Direct Home Store collection of brands. We're proud to be part of a fantastic organisation that shares our values for ethical, sustainable products and our passion for top-notch customer service. 

Our mission & values

Our mission is simple. To provide incredible wicker storage solutions at affordable prices. In other words, we want to be your go-to wicker basket provider

Our values, on the other hand, are a little more complex. We’ve got many, but we’ll summarise them, so you’re not hanging around this page all day. 

Accessibility is a big one for us. We have always strived for our products to be accessible. And, we’re an online company, which has its perks. One of them is, we’re able to keep our costs down through this way of operating, which we pass directly to our customers. 

And in no way does that mean our quality is compromised. We just genuinely care about what we put out there and want everyone to be able to shop with us. Luxury for all! 

Another huge priority for us, if you haven’t realised by now, is our environment. Which makes us incredibly passionate about what we put out there. 

We want to offer the best quality on the market. That’s why we source our materials predominantly from the lushest forests and jungles across Indonesia, which are then used to handcraft our wicker storage solutions. If you’d like more information on our materials, click here to read all about it. 

And it’s not just our raw materials, it’s everything we use to create our products. From the premium leather straps to the wheels on our log baskets, every single element is designed to provide exceptional quality. 

So, you can rest assured that when you choose Wovenhill - you’re choosing products made from raw, quality materials that are ethically sourced and sustainably produced. Renewables are the way forward! 

Why we’re the best

If you’re wondering what sets us apart from the rest, we’ll tell you. 

We’re not an empire. Or a multinational franchise. We’re a circle of like-minded individuals who have always placed our customers first. And, you know, #supportsmallbusinesses, right? 

No, but really, we know what it’s like to be on the other side and receive a sub-par product - which is why that never happens here at Wovenhill. Plus, we’ve always placed the customers at the heart of everything we do. And, we know that sounds cheesy - but it’s true! 

We also design all of our products in-house, so that we can offer something that’s truly unique. Plus, we attentively listen to the feedback we receive and apply it (where we can) to what we offer. This has shaped many of our product releases, as we truly want to create and deliver to the needs of our customers. 

Which, if we do say so ourselves, we’ve done a pretty good job so far (according to you guys, anyway.). 

Follow our journey

Even after all these years, it only just feels like we’re getting started. And we’ve got big plans for Wovenhill, which we’re really excited about. But, we can’t do it without you. 

So, if it’s not too much of an ask… go ahead and tap the follow button on our social channels. 

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What’s in it for you, we hear? Well, you’ll be the first to know about new product releases and receive regular updates on all the new things we’ve got going on. Oh, and you’ll get to see how others style our baskets! 

We also really enjoy making genuine connections with our customers, and our social channels are a way for us to do that. 

We love hearing from our customers. It genuinely never gets old. So, if you do choose us - feel free to leave us a review. Alternatively, if you have any questions about us, just call us, email us, dm us, or whatever you feel more comfortable with. One of us will get back to you as soon as we can. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little more about us. Stick around to see what we do next!