Wicker and Rattan Maintenance

How to maintain and clean your new wicker storage.

Wicker baskets and storage items can be a little tricky to clean due to the many small crevices and the very nature of the material itself.
We would not recommend using excessive amounts of water or chemical based solutions when cleaning willow, as if it is not dried properly it could in time develop spots of mildew. However, should you need to clean any small areas, please use a soft microfibre cloth and a small amount of water. Please make sure to thoroughly dry the basket and / or lining before next use.

Be very careful to avoid exposing your baskets to moisture for extended periods of time. If your basket becomes wet or is kept in a high humidity area please ensure it is thoroughly dried before next use.

By following these 3 easy steps you will keep your storage clean and looking fresh for longer.

1) Vacuum the storage item
The first step in cleaning wicker storage to remove the main dust and dirt. Use the bristle brush attachment to allow the crevices to be penetrated and the dust lifted.
If your wicker item is painted, be careful not to brush too hard as you may scratch / remove the paint.
For Water Hyacinth and Seagrass pleated storage, lightly run the brush over the top as not to rough up the weave too much.

2) Use a toothbrush or tweezers for intricate cleaning and dust removal
If you can see larger items of dirt or a build up of dust that hasn’t been removed with the vacuum, you may wish to use a pair of tweezers to carefully reach into the gaps to remove it without causing any damage.
You could also choose to use a toothbrush on tighter areas to release the dirt and then run the vacuum over again to ensure the dust is lifted.

3) CAREFULLY trim with scissors
It is normal for old wicker items to have a couple of stray pieces that either break off or stick out over time and use. We would not recommend pulling at these pieces as the storage items are handwoven and you could make the damage worse. However, you can remove and tidy these areas with a pair of sharp scissors. Good as new!