Home Decor Inspo - Our Favourite Customer Pictures of the Month

Home Decor Inspo - Our Favourite Customer Pictures of the Month

If there’s one thing we love around here, it’s seeing how our customers style their Wovenhill baskets. 

Our customer photos shared across social media are perfect examples of how you can easily use our storage solutions to add your own unique flair to a room. 

There are many ways to style our premium selection of wicker storage solutions. So, we thought what better way to share the love than by showcasing the customer pictures we adore! 

Read on to discover our favourite customer pictures of the month…

Kubu Rattan Trunk

(Photo Credit - @Saulhouseresidence) Kubu Rattan Storage Trunk - shop now.

Kubu Rattan Storage Trunk

See below for beautiful examples of how customers have styled our Kubu Rattan Storage Trunk. 

Living room coffee table by Kelly 

To start, we have Kelly’s example of how to style our Kubu Rattan Storage Trunk as a coffee table alternative. Simply stunning! Kelly shared this picture of her ultra-stylish living room on Instagram. 

Adding a contemporary touch to her space, how Kelly has chosen to style her very own Kubu Rattan Trunk further proves just how versatile these solutions are. 

The Kubu Rattan Storage Trunk is one of our most spacious solutions here at Wovenhill, making it the perfect alternative to a traditional coffee table. It’ll provide you with a surface area to either use for decorative purposes or to rest your beverage. 

 Kubu Rattan Storage Trunk

(Photo Credit - @kelly.scott.at.home ) Kubu Rattan Storage Trunk - shop now.

Discreet bedroom storage by Kate

Kate showed us how she styled her Kubu Rattan Storage Trunk on Instagram. A perfect example of how a large storage solution doesn’t always have to take centre stage to stand out!

This example is a beautiful way of adding a trunk feature to a bedroom space. Practical and stylish! 

 Kubu Rattan Storage Trunk

(Photo Credit - @the_house_at_twenty_six) Kubu Rattan Storage Trunk - shop now.

Playroom delight by Dionne

Next, we have our Kubu Rattan Storage Trunk styled by Dionne Craig! We love this picture and how Dionne has added this large storage solution to her home playroom.  

From a practical perspective, adding one of our stunning Kubu Rattan Storage Trunks makes perfect sense, thanks to the generous storage space and buckle strap feature for added security. Perfect for keeping things neat and tidy!

However, we love how Dionne has harmoniously slotted in our Kubu Rattan Storage Trunk with the existing decor, adding a stylish flair to the look and feel of the room.

Thank you for sharing how to make one of our beautiful wicker solutions your own, Dionne!

 Kubu Rattan Storage Trunk

(Photo Credit - @dionnecraighome) Kubu Rattan Storage Trunk - shop now.

Living room side table by Amy

Amy shared this image of her home with us on Instagram. And we are so glad she did! 

Amy has successfully utilised her trunk as a highly functional and practical feature, adding a touch of sophistication to her living room space. 

Using our Kubu Rattan Trunk as a side table will provide you with discreet storage for your living room whilst adding a stylish and homely touch to the room. We love this idea!

 Kubu Rattan Storage Trunk

Kubu Rattan Storage Trunk - shop now.

Paired with furniture by Sue

Next, we have Sue’s perfect example of how to style our Kubu Rattan Storage Trunk with an existing furniture feature. 

For most households, hallway storage is essential. But it can be hard to find a storage solution that looks like it’s supposed to be there! However, Sue proves how adding to existing furniture may be the way forward for those who struggle to style storage solutions in their hallways.  

Sue has successfully enhanced this furniture feature to ooze luxury, with her hallway now being a stylish yet practical place to store away household items discreetly. 

Kubu Storage Trunk

(Photo Credit - @sue.jones1960) Kubu Rattan Storage Trunk - shop now.

If you’re feeling inspired, click here for more information on our Kubu Rattan Storage Trunk collection.  

Shelf storage baskets 

At Wovenhill, we offer a wide selection of wicker shelf storage baskets made from sustainable and ethically sourced materials. 

See below for several examples of how our customers have chosen to style their storage baskets and make them their own!

In the kitchen by Ruth

Ruth shared a beautiful example of how to make great use of our Square Kubu Storage Baskets in a kitchen setting! 

We love how these storage baskets match perfectly with her kitchen decor, adding a contemporary yet natural feel to the space. These baskets are also very spacious, making them the perfect feature for kitchen use. 

Functional meets stylish. Thank you for sharing, Ruth! If you’re interested in adding storage baskets to your kitchen, click here to browse our entire storage baskets selection. 

Square Kubu Storage Baskets

(Photo Credit - @mrs_macs_home) Set of 2 Kubu Rattan Storage Baskets - shop now.

Coffee table storage by Amy

Next, we have another stunning example of how to style our Square Kubu Rattan Storage Baskets. Amy shared this beautiful photo of her coffee table feature on Instagram. 

Simple yet powerful, Amy added storage baskets to her existing coffee table. This subtle style trick has transformed the look and feel of this particular addition, adding a homely and inviting touch to a modern furniture feature. 

If you’ve been struggling to balance modern decor with homely touches, we would highly recommend checking out Amy’s home decor Instagram account.

Her ability to combine these two stylistic choices is unmatched, and we love to watch how she successfully blends these two contrasting styles! 

The image below is just one of many examples of how Amy mixes warm and homely with modern and sophisticated using our Square Kubu Rattan Storage Baskets. To shop the look, click here.

Square Kubu Storage Baskets

(Photo Credit - @home_at_harvest_mouse_place) Set of 2 Kubu Rattan Storage Baskets - shop now.

Soft furnishing storage feature by Naomi 

Next, we have another one of our all-time favourite customer pictures by Naomi, who shared her beautiful living room feature with us on Instagram. 

This image is a perfect example of how you can repurpose a log basket as a decorative soft furnishing holder, adding a touch of elegance to the room! Thank you for sharing, Naomi! 

We’ve always said that our log baskets are a highly versatile addition to any home, perfect for those looking for baskets that can be used for many purposes. And Naomi’s image speaks for itself, showcasing a subtle yet eye-catching way of adding a stylish wicker storage basket to a living room environment. 

To browse our entire collection of wicker log baskets, click here.

Log baskets

(Photo Credit -@homes4nomesKubu Rattan Square Log Basket with Hoop Handles - shop now.

Share the love with Wovenhill

At Wovenhill, we love seeing how our customers style Wovenhill wicker storage solutions. Please tag us in your snaps using the hashtag #wovenhillbaskets to be featured on our social media or website!

We hope you’ve enjoyed browsing how our customers have perfectly matched our storage baskets to their stylish homes. If you’re interested in browsing what we have to offer, be sure to check out the rest of our website!

And remember, our wicker solutions are made from the finest natural materials, which are also ethically sourced. So, when you choose Wovenhill - you’re choosing an eco-friendly addition to slot in seamlessly with your home. 

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