The Best Storage Solutions for Cottagecore Homes

The Best Storage Solutions for Cottagecore Homes

If you’re active on social media, the chances are you’ve definitely heard the term ‘cottagecore’ floating around your explore pages. But what does it actually mean

We’re here to tell you everything you need to know about this wonderful decor trend. And, if you’re looking for long-lasting storage baskets that’ll slot in with a cottagecore home seamlessly, you’re in the right place!

Read on to discover the best storage solutions for a cottagecore home…

What is cottagecore? 

Cottagecore can be defined as an aesthetic trend that glamourises rural living. More specifically, quintessential British countryside living. You may have also heard this trend being referred to as farmcore or countrycore. 

It’s a trend that idolises the best aspects of rural living, whilst also encouraging people to find satisfaction in the small and meaningful things in life. There’s also a link between those who love the cottagecore aesthetic and living a sustainable lifestyle. 

Cottagecore homes tend to boast homeware features that are full of charm and personality. Think rustic handmade homeware, house plants, delicate art and clashy patterns that somehow work together perfectly. 

How to achieve the cottagecore look and feel

Achieving a cottagecore look and feel in your home is completely personal and subjective to you, however, there are a few key characteristics that are consistently found within homes that embrace this decor trend. 

Earthy tones 

Earthy tones can be defined as a mixture of both warm and cool colours that can be found in nature. 

A consistent colour palette that’s full of earthy tones seems to be all the rage in homes that are embracing the cottagecore aesthetic, which doesn’t come as a surprise seeing as the trend is based on embracing natural beauty! 

If you’re unsure what colours are considered ‘earthy tones’, the most popular colours found in cottagecore homes tend to be sage green, ivory, deep navy, mustard yellow, chestnut brown and burnt orange. 

Natural materials 

Sourcing homeware products that are made from natural and sustainable materials is the easiest way of achieving an authentic cottagecore look and feel in your home. 

This is because a key element of this trend is to show a deep appreciation for nature through all aspects of life, and when decorating your home to achieve a cottagecore look - there’s nothing more respectful to nature than opting for ethical and sustainable homeware products! 

Nowadays, there are plenty of sustainable options out there - making it easier than ever to create an authentic, eco-friendly cottagecore look and feel in your home. Popular materials found in cottagecore homes are items made from rattan, bamboo, timber, jute, cotton and wool. 

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Cosy atmosphere

Cottagecore homes are all about embracing a cosy atmosphere. Think warmth, character and pure comfort that’s balanced with a sense of style.  

Authentic cottagecore decor rejects the idea of a home having to be decorated with perfectly matched homeware and instead embraces the beauty found in decor touches that offer character. 

Think clashy combinations of patterns (e.g. floral and check), vintage art pieces, delicate touches (e.g. embroidery), blankets, flower displays, house plants, plush cushions, light and airy curtains, minimal technology in rooms used for unwinding and quirky handmade homeware items.

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How to live a cottagecore lifestyle 

The interesting thing about this trend is that it’s also seen as a lifestyle. And living a cottagecore lifestyle isn’t complicated or hard to achieve - it’s all about simply focusing on life's most simple pleasures. 

Many people define a cottagecore lifestyle as living more consciously, with their efforts focused on embracing a more sustainable lifestyle wherever possible. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean going off-grid, as cottagecore can be adapted to suit you. See below for a few examples of how people choose to live a more peaceful cottagecore lifestyle that’s centred around finding joy in the little things. 

  • It’s very common for those who embrace this lifestyle to only purchase from sustainable brands. 
  • Cooking from scratch using natural ingredients is seen as a simple pleasure.  
  • Growing and eating your own organic foods. 
  • If you don’t have the space to grow your own ingredients, try shopping for locally sourced ingredients and foods. 
  • Fashion trends associated with cottagecore tend to be flowy, light materials that embrace patterns. 
  • Walking and cycling whenever possible is also popular amongst those who embrace this lifestyle. 
  • Upcycling and/or repurposing household items instead of buying new. 
  • Not buying into fast fashion and opting for pre-loved clothing instead. 
  • Gardening and exploring nature frequently. 
  • Taking the time to go offline and be present in the here and now. 

The best storage solutions for cottagecore homes

At Wovenhill, we offer a host of worthwhile storage solutions that effortlessly match the look and feel of contemporary cottagecore. Our charming storage solutions are bursting with worthwhile features, made to provide you with what you need for every storage purpose imaginable. 

We also only use premium quality natural materials that are sustainable to our environment and ethically sourced. So, if you’re looking for gorgeous storage solutions that’ll allow you to organise your home in style - see below for several recommendations that match beautifully with cottagecore homes.  

Set of 3 Burford Storage Baskets

To start, we have our gorgeous Set of 3 Burford Storage Baskets! Specially designed to feature gorgeous heart handle detailing, nothing makes for more of a sweeter feature. Perfect for cottagecore lovers! 

Our Burford collection is made from the finest quality Seagrass Rattan, ideal for those who are wanting to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. This gorgeous set is also made to be extremely durable, with the ability to withstand rigorous use. 

Our beautiful Set of 3 Burford Storage Baskets are available in a variety of sizes so that we can ensure a perfect match for all of our customers. They will also arrive fully assembled and ready to use immediately. 

Creating a cottagecore look and feel is all about the details you add to each room. The heart-shaped detailing particularly ties in beautifully with the cottagecore decor style, providing any room with a subtle touch of sweet luxury! 

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Milton Natural Rattan Laundry Hamper

Next, we have our stunning Milton Natural Rattan Laundry Hamper. 

This collection is carefully handmade to feature the most gorgeous fishbone weave design, and they are also available in a variety of sizes. 

We’ve been sure to add a variety of worthwhile features to our Milton Natural Rattan Laundry Hampers so that we can ensure premium quality with every purchase. This includes built-in handles for portability purposes, as well as a fully functional hinged lid. 

Our Milton laundry hamper collection is made from premium quality Rattan, which is sustainably sourced and ethically produced. What’s more, this hamper will also arrive fully assembled and ready to use, with a free premium cotton jute liner included.

Milton Natural Rattan Laundry Hamper - shop now.

Kubu Rattan Rectangle Log Basket with Wheels

Next, we have a charming log basket option for those who are looking for the perfect fire feature addition. Introducing the Kubu Rattan Rectangle Log Basket with Wheels.

With the help of our Kubu Rattan Rectangle Log Basket with Wheels, you’ll be able to transport firewood to and from your fireplace with total ease. 

This log basket option is known for its stunning appearance, adding a homely and rustic touch to any room. Plus, this collection is made to be generously spacious, which means that it can also be repurposed as a basket to store away anything you desire.

Now available in a variety of size options, this log basket is specially designed to feature beautifully crafted rope handles and durable castor wheels to further enhance quality and portability. 

So, if you’ve been looking for a reliable log basket that’s also immaculately presented - the Kubu Rattan Log Basket with Wheels is a great choice for you. 

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Kubu Rattan Storage Trunk

If you’re looking for a larger storage solution that’ll slot in with the cottagecore theme seamlessly, look no further than our Kubu Rattan Storage Trunk. 

Effortlessly oozing style and sophistication in any room they feature in, our Kubu Rattan Storage Trunks are carefully crafted to deliver exceptional quality for years to come.

Our collection of Kubu Rattan Storage Trunks are made from sustainably sourced and ethically produced Kubu Rattan, making them the perfect choice for those who are looking for eco-friendly home additions. 

What’s more, this large storage solution option comes in a stunning neutral shade and is specially designed to include super stylish security features.

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