What Is Wicker?

What Is Wicker?

If you’re a collector of beautifully crafted home decor, chances are you’ve heard the term ‘wicker’ floating around. But, what does it actually mean? 

Wicker is one of the most long-standing types of craftsmanship, with no signs of wavering popularity. This versatile technique slots in seamlessly with any home decor preference, adding a subtle hint of luxury to a room. Art in its own right. 

If you’re interested in learning more about wicker, keep reading…

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What is wicker? 

Contrary to popular belief, wicker itself is not a material. It’s a technique!

Essentially, wicker refers to the method by which an object is woven. Wickerwork is highly versatile, and it can be designed and tailored to showcase a variety of styles and designs. 

There are two widely popular wickerwork options, which include natural wicker and synthetic wicker. Synthetic wicker is commonly used for outdoor furniture products, whereas natural wicker is widely renowned for creating exceptional indoor storage baskets. 

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What’s the difference between rattan and wicker? 

This may seem self-explanatory after reading the above, but rattan and wicker are often mistaken for the same thing. So, for clarification, rattan is a material that can be used to create wicker baskets, whereas wicker is a technique used to weave a basket. 

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Where does wicker originate from? 

Wicker has been around for quite some time, with the first recording of wicker furniture dating back to 3,000 B.C. It’s thought that it is of Scandinavian descent, with the word ‘wicker’ originating from the word ‘wika’, which means to bend.

It’s no secret that Scandinavian-inspired home decor trends have always been popular here in the UK, and our love for wicker solutions is no exception.  

Its use of natural and raw materials paired with quilted textiles and delicate craftsmanship allows this style to ooze quality and sophistication. This is likely why wicker has continued to thrive in popularity for thousands of years! 

Are wicker baskets eco-friendly?

If you’re an eco-conscious consumer, a wicker basket would be a perfect choice. This is because wicker solutions are most commonly created using natural materials that are renewable and ethically sourced. 

Common alternatives tend to be made from plastic, which, of course, is not a great option to invest in if you care about the environment. Plus, plastic storage solutions are likely to warp and even break prematurely, which makes them more costly in the long run. 

At Wovenhill, our wicker baskets range are eco-friendly, as we only use sustainable and ethically sourced materials to handcraft our selection. 

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What is wicker made of? 

Wicker can be woven from a variety of natural and synthetic materials. The materials used will often depend on the type and quality of the product itself. 

For example, here at Wovenhill, we use only use natural materials that are of the finest quality. This includes Rattan, Water Hyacinth, Bamboo and Kubu Rattan. 

As we mentioned earlier, eco-friendly synthetic wicker is more commonly used for outdoor furniture. This is because synthetic wicker is specially designed and tailored to endure harsh weather conditions. Natural wicker, although highly durable, is better suited to indoor use. 

How to clean wicker baskets 

You’ll be delighted to learn that premium quality wicker baskets are low-maintenance storage solutions. 

If you spot dust accumulation on your wicker basket, all you’ll need is warm soapy water and a microfibre cloth. Simply dip your microfibre cloth into the soapy water and wipe the wicker basket down until you're satisfied. 

Be careful not to submerge your cloth in soapy water! A slightly dampened cloth is more than enough to effectively clean a wicker basket solution. 

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Wovenhill: the home of premium wicker storage baskets

At Wovenhill, our wicker basket solutions are handwoven using ethically sourced and sustainably produced natural materials, carefully crafted to stand the test of time. This is particularly important for storage solutions, as a good quality feature will be reliable, robust and durable. 

What’s more, we understand the importance of choice when it comes to style and features. That’s why you’ll find a wide range of wicker basket designs, with plenty of additional feature options across our collections. 

So, if you’re considering investing in a premium wicker solution, see below for a taste of what our wicker storage basket collection has to offer. 

Wicker Grey Wash Hamper

Introducing our stunning Wicker Grey Wash Hamper, perfect for those looking for large, stylish storage solutions.

This wicker basket boasts a beautiful grey finish, ideal for stylish homes that prefer a modern touch! Carefully crafted to feature a beautiful woven pattern design, this would be a great choice for those who love the idea of a multipurpose solution, adding a stylish flair to any room in the home.

What’s more, if you prefer a more rustic, homely look and feel in your home, this stunning wicker hamper is also available in a Bronze finish.  

Style aside, the Wicker Grey Wash Hamper benefits from a fully hinged lid, and useful inset handles. It'll also arrive at your doorstep assembled and ready to use. 

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Wicker Grey Wash Square Log Basket with Hoop Handles

If you’re looking for an immaculately presented wicker basket that’s also deceivingly spacious, look no further than our Wicker Grey Wash Square Log Basket with Hoop Handles. 

Available for individual purchase or in sets, this beautiful wicker basket option benefits from a removable eco-friendly Jute liner and woven hoop handles, ideal for transporting to and from your desired location with total ease. 

In addition to the above, this basket is also known for its huge capacity, boasting a tall and square design, an ideal wicker basket for those who adore eye-catching features within the home. 

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Kubu Woven Oblong Lined Log Baskets with Hoop Handles

Last, but certainly not least, we have our Kubu Woven Oblong Lined Log Baskets with Hoop Handles. 

This stunning oblong log basket is a perfect addition to any log burner, benefiting from a contemporary colour finish. It’ll arrive to you fully assembled and ready to use, with inset hoop handles and a removable eco-friendly Jute liner incorporated into the design. 

Although this is a log basket, there’s no reason why you can’t use this beautiful wicker basket for a variety of purposes. The craftsmanship of this wicker basket is unparalleled, and it's ideal for living room, bedroom and home office storage alike! 

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 We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our article on wicker, as well as discovering a few wicker baskets available to purchase at Wovenhill.

If none of the wicker baskets featured above match what you’re looking for, be sure to check out the rest of our website to browse our wider range of premium quality wicker baskets. 

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