Wicker Dog Bed Buying Guide

Wicker Dog Bed Buying Guide

Let’s face it. We all want the best for our four-legged friends, especially when it comes to keeping them happy and providing them with the comfort they deserve!

So, what if we told you that it’s possible to have an ultra-cosy dog bed that’s also stylish? Well, If you’ve been browsing for a new snug dog bed and love the look of a wicker feature, you’re in the right place! 

We’ll be filling you in on everything you need to know about wicker dog beds, and we’ve even included a few lovely examples available here at Wovenhill towards the end of the article. 

Read on to find out more about wicker dog beds…

What is a wicker dog bed? 

A timeless favourite for pet owners, a wicker dog bed is renowned for its practical and comfort qualities, slotting into any home decor preference seamlessly. 

Wicker dog beds are usually made from natural materials such as rattan, meaning they can be moulded and shaped to come in a variety of styles, designs and even the option for added features. 

Because of this, you’ll likely be able to find a wicker dog bed to match your unique pet perfectly. Ideal for those looking for versatile, durable and well-made pet accessories!

A woman hugging her dog whilst out on a walk in a forest

Why it’s essential to find the right bed for your dog

Dog beds are so much more than just a place to sleep. In fact, the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) believe that it’s integral for physical and mental well-being.

When training a puppy, it's common practice for pet owners to provide their new family member with a place they can seek refuge after a busy playtime, to relax and snooze the hours away. Well, the importance of having access to a dedicated little place to call their own never really goes away. In fact, it becomes even more essential as they grow older.

Plus, have you ever purchased a luxurious dog bed for your beloved pooch, and noticed they don’t seem to use it? Well, chances are it’s uncomfortable for them, and they don’t feel as though they can properly ‘relax’ when using it. And, the hardest part is, they may not be using their dog bed for many reasons. 

For example, it may be too big - or it may be too small. It may have no borders, so your dog feels exposed when using the dog bed, meaning they can’t sleep properly. Or, it might be that they feel cold in the dog bed, especially if it’s made from a material with a cold surface such as leather, or placed in a draughty area. The possibilities are endless! 

So, ultimately, finding the right bed promotes a physically healthier and mentally happier furry companion. And, as no pooch is the same, preferences can (and will) vary.

This is one of the reasons why opting for a wicker dog bed is a great choice, because if your dog doesn't seem to warm to the bed, you'll always have the option to test out different inserts until you find one that's ideal for them, without having to replace the entire dog bed.

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Factors to consider when purchasing the right wicker dog bed for your pet 

As we mentioned above, it’s never a one-size-fits-all when it comes to finding the perfect dog bed for your pet. And, although wicker dog beds are one of the most versatile types of pet beds, there are factors to consider when choosing the right one for your dog. 

So, to ensure you’ve covered all bases, the most important factors to pay attention to when purchasing a wicker dog bed include comfort, size, maintenance, added features, shape and quality. We’ll take a look at each factor in more detail below.

Shop luxury wicker dog beds at Wovenhill today.


Comfort is, of course, the most important factor to consider when purchasing the perfect dog bed for your beloved family member. When a dog has access to a comfortable sleeping spot, such as a dog bed, it can help improve their overall physical health, particularly with their joints. 

This is because, as our pets age, many can develop problems with arthritis or other general joint issues, which can cause stiffening. If they are uncomfortable or don’t have access to enough space, joint pain can develop, which, of course, has the potential to impact their physical and mental well-being. 

Additionally, the above applies to puppies, too! Young pups also need access to a comfortable and spacious environment for sleeping, as it helps to promote the growth of healthy and strong joints.  

What’s more, wicker dog beds leave space for you to add a cushioning of your choice, as opposed to arriving with a ready-made filling that may be uncomfortable for your dog. 

If you are unsure of how to determine whether the insert is sufficient, place your hand over the top and apply pressure. Can you feel wicker indentations? If so, you’ll need to replace it. Popular choices for wicker dog bed cushioning tends to be orthopaedic pillows, as they ensure that your pooch has access to comfort for prolonged periods. 

Added features 

Would your dog benefit from having access to additional, worthwhile features? If the answer is yes, a wicker dog bed may be the way to go. 

Wickerwork can be incredibly versatile, meaning it can be moulded into many different configurations.

For example, our Kubu Rattan Rectangular Pet Bed is perfect for dogs who require a little more help to access their beds. This has been done by incorporating a lower entrance area to the bed, allowing for effortless access for pets who have mobility problems or are experiencing age-related complications.

A senior dog wrapped in a cosy blanket


Consider how your pet looks when they are sleeping. Do they stretch their legs out? Or, do they like to curl up into a ball of cuteness? Maybe they even lay on their backs, with all their paws in the air! 

What we’re trying to say is, to ensure your dog is happy and healthy, they need to feel comfortable to encourage quality sleep time. And to encourage quality sleep time, they will need a pet bed that’s spacious enough for them to stretch and move around as they desire.

At Wovenhill, our wicker dog beds are designed to provide a spacious environment for dogs, no matter which option you choose. In fact, our wicker dog beds are so spacious that they can fit more than one dog at a time. Don’t believe us? See the image below!

Top tip - to ensure you’re investing in a pet bed that offers your dog enough space, we recommend measuring the height from your dog's shoulder and chest area, down to the base of the tail. Then, add at least 15 cm to the overall dimensions. This is the minimum amount of space required for optimal comfort. 

Shop luxury wicker dog beds at Wovenhill today.


It’s essential to maintain pet beds if the goal is to make sure your dog can get the most out of it, for as long as possible! 

And, with a plethora of hygiene factors to consider when owning a pet (e.g. pests and flees, tracking in dirt and hair shedding), it’s essential that the bed you choose for your dog is as low maintenance as possible, to ensure that constant upkeep isn’t necessary. 

The overall quality of the wicker dog bed itself will play a big part, so we'll use our collection of wicker dog beds as a prime example.

Our wicker dog beds are naturally breathable, preventing the build-up of moisture, which minimises the chances of anything unpleasant from growing in or around the bed. This is incredibly important, as bacteria and mould thrive in moisture! 

It's also worth noting that we only ever use premium natural materials to produce our wicker pet beds, which are also then handwoven by experienced craftsmen. This makes our dog bed collection incredibly easy to clean and maintain, without ever compromising the quality of the bed. 

So, to clean one of our beautiful wicker dog beds, all you’ll need to do is simply hoover around the bed to remove any rogue dog hairs, and occasionally wipe it down with a microfibre cloth and warm soapy water.


According to animal experts, the shape of a dog bed is incredibly important. So, when you’re purchasing a wicker dog bed, you’ll need to consider the personality of your pooch. For example, wicker dog beds made to be round or oval-shaped are better suited for dogs that love to curl up when they're snoozing. 

Alternatively, a rectangular dog bed is renowned for being a great option for nervous dogs who need to feel protected during off-guard activities, such as sleeping and lounging. For example, our rectangular wicker dog beds are accompanied by borders, which can help to provide shy pooches with peace of mind.

Wicker dog beds with a border-style shape are also great for dogs that are particularly sensitive to the cold, as these borders help to block out unwanted drafts from passing through the dog bed.


How durable and long-lasting a wicker dog bed is will ultimately depend on the materials used, and the quality of the wicker finish.  

At Wovenhill, our wicker dog bed selection is made from the finest quality Kubu Rattan, which is an ethically sourced and sustainably produced natural material. Not only that, but our range is also handcrafted by experienced craftsmen to ensure that the level of quality we provide our customers is always exceptional. 

So, when you choose Wovenhill, you can rest assured that you're investing in a premium quality dog bed for your beloved furry family member that is built to last.

Wovenhill: the home of premium wicker dog beds 

 Ready to find the perfect wicker dog bed? We’ve got you covered! 

As mentioned earlier, we only use premium natural materials when creating our wicker dog beds, which are handcrafted by experts. So, if you’re looking for the best of the very best for your furry companion, see below to discover some beautiful examples of premium quality wicker pet beds. 

Kubu Rattan Oval Pet Bed

To start, we have our beautiful Kubu Rattan Oval Pet Bed - a great choice for those looking for the ideal place for their pet to snuggle and relax!

Handcrafted from the finest Kubu Rattan, this wicker pet bed option is suitable for cats and dogs alike, designed to be a long-lasting addition to your pet accessory collection. 

Available in a range of spacious sizes, this beautiful oval-shaped dog bed will suit a wide range of pets, particularly well suited to those looking to provide their dog with a place they can feel safe to relax and snooze till their heart's content! 

See below for more information on the dimensions we have available. 

  • Large: external dimensions - W75cm x D56cm x H22cm. Internal dimensions - W70cm x D50cm x H20cm.

  • Extra large: external dimensions - W90cm x D70cm x H24cm. Internal dimensions - W85cm x D65cm x H22cm.

“I’m very pleased with this dog bed. It looks lovely in our lounge and blends in well with our furnishings. Delivery was quick and most importantly, our dog loves it!” - verified customer.

Kubu Rattan Oval Pet Bed - shop now.

Kubu Rattan Rectangular Pet Bed

Are you the owner of a senior pooch? Or, maybe you’re looking for the perfect bed that your dog can access with total ease. Whatever your requirements are, we’re confident that our Kubu Rattan Rectangular Pet Bed will tick all the boxes!

Our gorgeous Kubu Rattan Rectangular pet bed is handcrafted using premium eco-friendly Kubu Rattan, ethically sourced and handcrafted to absolute perfection by experienced professionals. 

Ideal for those searching for luxury at an affordable price, this gorgeous pet bed will add a touch of sophistication to any room it features in, whilst also providing your pet with unparalleled comfort and warmth. 

See below for more information on the dimensions we have available. 

  • Large: external dimensions - W78cm x D56cm x H22cm. Internal dimensions - W68cm x D65cm x H18cm.
  • Extra large: external dimensions - W90cm x D70cm x H24cm. Internal dimensions - W85cm x D65cm x H22cm.

“LOVE this bed, and most importantly, so did my dog! Very beautiful weave, looks great and was delivered very quickly.” - verified customer.


Kubu Rattan Rectangular Pet Bed - shop now.

Shop luxury wicker pet beds at Wovenhill today

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