The Most Useful Ways to Use a Hamper Basket

The Most Useful Ways to Use a Hamper Basket

Are you thinking about investing in a quality hamper basket? If so, you’ll find that hamper baskets are far more versatile than their traditional ‘picnic basket’ image. Keep reading and you’ll find the most useful ways you can use your new hamper basket…

Toy chest

What is it about toys? They get literally everywhere! Leave the kids alone for even a few minutes, and you’ll more than likely find toys strewn all over the living room floor. 

Well, there is a solution - a hamper basket!

Hamper baskets - especially voluminous models like the ones we sell here at Wovenhill - offer a great solution for the storage of toys.

Hampers with carry handles are particularly useful, as they make it easier to move the basket around and to pull it from its storage space. Hampers such as our Kubu Rattan Storage Trunk have straps to keep it closed - which are useful when you want to stop tiny hands from prying the hamper open…

Wedding display

Are wedding bells on the horizon for you? Then you’re going to want a quality, stylish way of collecting cards from the guests at your reception. Enter the hamper basket!

A hamper basket is the perfect way to safely collect and store cards and smaller gifts. Plus, if you buy a hamper basket with a lid, you can safely tuck it away once all the guests have arrived. 

Buy a hamper basket with carry handles, and it’ll be easy to pick it up and put it in the boot of a car at the end of the reception.

Hallway decluttering

If your household is as busy as most peoples’ you probably find shoes, trainers, hats, leads, book bags and other random items regularly scattered around your entrance hallway. After all, why should the kids use the shoe rack when they can just boot them off the second they walk through the door?!

We jest though. These ‘drop zones’ can really disrupt the look and feel of your home - plus, they’re a trip hazard.

So, why not declutter these drop zones with the addition of a hamper basket? Family members can simply drop their items into the basket when they need to, ensuring that the rest of your hallway remains clutter-free…

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Kitchen storage

If you like to keep a store of tinned foods in your home, then you’ll know that having lots of canned goods can quickly take up valuable kitchen storage space. 

The solution is to use a hamper basket to store your canned goods out of the way. Use a hamper basket with a lid, and you’ll even be able to store items on top of the basket too. 

Alternatively, hamper baskets also make a great storage solution for regularly used, but bulky items like Tupperware. Again, Tupperware can take up valuable kitchen storage space, so a hamper basket will help you to prioritise your kitchen cupboards for regularly-used foodstuffs instead.

Blanket and pillow storage

As everyone starts to batten down the hatches for what is potentially going to be a long, cold winter, blankets and pillows are bound to make an appearance in living rooms across the land. 

They’re perfect for keeping you warm and reducing the amount of time you need to put the heating on for - but they can be a problem to store when not in use. They’re bulky and if you’ve got kids or pets, they can easily get strewn around your home. 

The answer is to invest in a quality hamper basket, which can provide a neat and tidy place to store blankets and pillows.

Nursery storage

If you’ve just had a new arrival in the family then you’ll know that babies require a surprisingly large supply of baby-grows, muslin cloths, baby wipes, nappies and other essentials. 

A hamper basket offers the perfect way of keeping all of your baby essentials in a single, easy to organise place. 

Hobby chest

Whether your passion is knitting or handicraft or jewellery design or painting, it’s always handy to have a single place where you can store all of your hobby’s accessories and other accoutrements.

Enter the humble hamper basket! Choose one with a lid and straps, and you’ve got the perfect place to store everything associated with your favourite hobby.

Home office storage

The chances are, if you work from home on a regular basis, that you have quite a few work-related items hanging around. 

Be it a laptop, files, reams of paper or items of stationery, these things can make your home office look really cluttered. Plus, when you’ve got these things lying around, they just remind you of work!

So, why not banish the thought of work and tidy up your office in one swoop with a hamper basket?!

Storage for toiletries

Toiletries such as toilet rolls tend to be both bought in bulk, and be quite small, meaning that a hamper basket is the perfect way to store these items, but in an attractive way that’ll complement the decor of your bathroom.

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Linen and bedding storage

It can be difficult to know where to put fresh linen and bedding when it’s not in use. These things can be surprisingly bulky and take up lots of space within wardrobes. Using a hamper basket to store linen and bedding can allow you to free up space within your wardrobes for other items. 

Travel basket

If you tend to travel a great deal in your car, a hamper basket can be a good way of storing all of those items you may need in an emergency. 

For example, pop a hamper basket in the boot of your car and use it to hold items like jumper leads, foot pumps, tools and other similar items so that you can quickly and easily access them when needed.

Gift box

Are you buying a present that’s an awkward, difficult to wrap shape? Then a hamper basket offers the perfect way of presenting just such a gift. 

Plus, by giving your gift in a hamper box, you’re essentially giving two gifts at once, as the recipient will be able to reuse the hamper however they like!

Houseplant holder

All too often, you’ll spot the perfect houseplant for your home, but it’ll be potted in a less than desirable pot (think of those cheap plastic brown pots that many houseplants are retailed in). 

A hamper basket can offer a unique and interesting base for houseplants. Not only do they look attractive in their own right, but because they are made from organic materials such as rattan, they perfectly complement the houseplant.

Family storage

If you want to help get your family more organised, you can assign them their own individual hamper baskets. 

This is a particularly good idea for kids, as it gives them their own personal storage space where they can keep their favourite things.

Kubu Rattan Storage Trunk

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Media storage

Streaming services like Netflix might be dominating the airwaves these days, but DVDs, vinyls and other forms of physical media are refusing to die (plus these media formats have some pretty ardent fans!). 

If you’re one of those fans and still have a large collection of DVDs, vinyls or other types of physical media, a hamper basket offers a great way of storing all of these things in a neat, tidy and easy to access form.

Picnic basket

Last, but certainly not least, you can use a hamper basket, as a hamper basket!

The hampers we sell here at Wovenhill are ideal for traditional picnics, with plenty of space to accommodate essentials like picnic blankets, bottle openers, plates and cutlery, and of course the picnic itself.

The best wicker hamper baskets UK

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to all the useful ways you can use a hamper basket. If you’ve got your heart set on a wicker hamper basket for your home, then explore our range available here at Wovenhill. 

Our hamper baskets are made from sustainably-sourced natural materials such as rattan, and are handcrafted. Many of our hamper baskets feature inset carry handles and hinged lids, making them eminently practical. 

Explore our range of hamper baskets, and you’ll also find models with straps, making it easy to keep them closed and secure (and keep prying little hands away from the contents of the hamper!). 

Our hamper baskets are also available across a range of different sizes and dimensions, meaning we have options for all types of home.

Shop hamper baskets at Wovenhill today

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