The Best Kitchen Storage Baskets

The Best Kitchen Storage Baskets

If you’ve visited our Instagram page recently, you might have noticed that more and more people are using our storage solutions for kitchen use. This is because not only do they add a touch of elegance to any kitchen space, but they also offer many practical benefits. 

With spring cleaning season right around the corner, we’re sure you want to get ahead and create the most serene environment possible - or at least one where you know where everything is! We’re here to shed some light on the best storage baskets to use to organise your kitchen space stylishly and practically.  

Read on to discover the best kitchen storage baskets… 

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What makes for a good kitchen storage basket? 

We will go into more detail throughout this article, however, the main factors to look for from kitchen storage baskets are great overall quality, accessible features, durability, breathability, size, and of course, style! 

See below for more information on the key considerations to keep in mind when purchasing storage baskets for kitchen use. 

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Accessible features 

If you’re planning on using storage baskets to organise your kitchen space, you’ll want them to be easy to use and hassle-free. 

There’s nothing worse than having to uncomfortably drag a storage basket, which is why it’s always important to go for an option that suits your lifestyle and kitchen layout. 

For example, if you plan on adding storage baskets to better arrange your kitchen cupboards, we would recommend that you choose solutions that have handles that are either inset (so that you’re able to grab them easily) or thoughtfully built into the overall design. 

This way, you’ll be able to retrieve anything that you require - without having to exert yourself! Remember, you want your storage solutions to make life easier, not harder. 

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How large or how small you require your storage solutions to be will depend on personal preference. Of course, you won’t want anything too small for you and your household, or else you’ll likely find yourself overstuffing the baskets, making it harder to find items. 

On the other end of the spectrum, if you purchase solutions that are too large - you run the risk of them not slotting into your kitchen space. We would recommend that you determine what you want to use them for, and measure where you would want them to go accordingly, to ensure a perfect fit. 

For example, should you want storage baskets for a similar purpose to the image below (@mrs_macs_home), then you’ll need to go for a larger storage solution to fill the space.

(Photo credit - @mrs_macs_home) Kubu Rattan Storage Baskets - shop now

Alternatively, if your main aim is to transform your pantry into an organised haven, we would recommend that you size down so that you can section off and allow for dedicated storage baskets for sole purposes - similar to how @thehousebuild has transformed hers. 

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If you’re using storage solutions in a kitchen environment, chances are you’ll want them to be able to withstand vigorous use. These rooms are used several times a day, and you won’t want to invest in storage solutions that won’t stand the test of time.

We would recommend that you always purchase storage baskets that are made to a premium standard, to avoid having to spend your hard-earned money replacing them prematurely. 

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The overall quality of a kitchen storage basket is one of the most important considerations, as of course, this factor will also contribute to whether they will stand the test of time without losing any of their practical qualities.  

At Wovenhill, we provide an incredible selection of storage solutions that are perfectly suited to kitchen use, made to deliver a premium standard of quality. 

Our promise to you is that we only use the best quality materials to produce our incredible collections of storage solutions, which include the use of Kubu Rattan, Water Hyacinth, and of course, high-quality and ethically sourced Rattan.

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Similar to how you would prefer to choose a log basket that’s made to be breathable (to keep firewood in top condition), you’ll want kitchen storage baskets that offer this superb practical advantage also. This will ensure that the contents inside the storage basket that do not have additional packaging will stay fresh. 

At Wovenhill, our rattan storage baskets are carefully weaved to leave room for small gaps throughout the structure of the storage solution, allowing plenty of fresh air to circulate around the contents of the storage basket. This is great for preventing any unwanted moisture from accumulating, allowing everything in your kitchen space to stay nice and fresh! 

Wovenhill storage baskets for kitchen use 

You could use any of our incredible storage solution options in this room of your home, depending on the layout and size of your unique kitchen. However, for inspiration purposes, here are a few options from our selection that we believe match kitchen use perfectly. 

Milton Shelf Storage Baskets

To start, we have our gorgeous Set of 3 Milton Rattan Storage Baskets, available in either a gorgeous brown or natural tone. 

Milton Shelf Storage Baskets - shop now

This highly useful Set of 3 Milton Rattan Storage Baskets are designed beautifully, as well as providing a robust storage solution that’s fully equipped for everyday use - making them the perfect option for kitchens. 

This stunning set of storage baskets are made from premium quality Sustainable Water Hyacinth and also feature handy inset handles for easy manoeuvring. You’ll be able to purchase these sets in either a size small, medium or large, depending on what suits you and your lifestyle best. 

Milton Shelf Storage Baskets - shop now

Seagrass Set of 3 Storage Baskets

Next, we have our beautiful natural Seagrass Rattan Storage Baskets, specially designed to stack on top of each other - great for saving space in your kitchen. 

These beautiful storage baskets will arrive to you fully assembled, so you can start filling them up with whatever you wish immediately. These stunning storage baskets also feature inset handles for easy manoeuvring and are made from the most beautiful, Sustainable Seagrass material.  

You’ll be able to purchase our gorgeous Seagrass Set of 3 Storage Baskets in either a set of 3 small, medium or large baskets. 

Seagrass Set of 3 Storage Baskets - shop now


Burford Set of 3 Storage Baskets

Next, we have our beautifully crafted Burford Set of 3 Rattan Storage Baskets, perfect for those who love their home storage solutions to have attention to detail. 

This set of three storage baskets are all carefully woven using premium Seagrass Rattan, ensuring unparalleled quality for your kitchen. Whether they are bought for your kitchen shelves or for pantry use, the Burford Set of 3 Rattan Storage Baskets will look effortlessly stylish in any setting they feature in, enhancing the overall look of the space for the better. 

These Burford baskets will arrive fully assembled and feature ultra-handy inset handles, which are made in a gorgeous heart-shaped design. This set is available in either a set of 3 small, medium or large baskets.

Burford Set of 3 Rattan Storage Baskets - shop now

We hope you’ve found our blog on the best kitchen storage baskets useful.

Explore the rest of our site to see our complete range of log baskets.

And Remember, all of our storage items are made exclusively for Wovenhill. We control stock, quality and design, so if you’re after the best wicker storage products, choose Wovenhill!

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