8 Uses for Log Baskets That Aren't Firewood

8 Uses for Log Baskets That Aren't Firewood

Log baskets are essential if you've got a wood-burning stove. They're great at doing their job – holding firewood and keeping it handy for when it's time to light up the stove. But these log baskets are a whole lot more than just wood carriers.

Got an electric stove or a media wall? You don't need a log basket for logs, but the good news? These baskets can be natural multitaskers. They're sturdy, look neat, and can find a home in just about any room of your house. They're both practical and pleasant to look at. Need a nifty storage hack? Got it. Fancy a bit of home décor twist? Done.

So, why should fireplaces have all the fun? Let's explore log baskets and see what else they can do. You'll be amazed how a simple log basket can become a showy book display or a trendy plant holder. So, let's get started and see all the fabulous stuff we can do with these baskets! 

1) A spot for all your books

A large Wovenhill wicker basket with books placed on top

So, you're a book lover? Got books stacked on your coffee table, lined up on your shelves, and maybe even a few sneaky ones under the bed? A log basket can quickly become your new favourite book spot if you want to get organised.

With their beautiful shades and textures, these baskets make for an out-of-the-box book holder. Imagine a cosy corner of your living room or home office, a log basket filled with your favourite books, and a cup of hot coffee – now that's a reader's paradise! Plus, it gives your space that rustic, relaxed vibe, keeping clutter at bay.

2) Plant holder extraordinaire

Calling all plant parents! We all know the struggle of finding the perfect home for our leafy buddies. But guess what? Your search could end with a log basket.

These sturdy, stylish baskets are just the thing your indoor plants need. Imagine your lush, green plant in a rugged, rustic basket – it's all about that contrast! It's a fun and easy way to jazz up your space while keeping your plant pals happy and comfy. So, give it a go and let your log basket be the trendiest plant holder around.

3) Fashion-forward laundry collector

Who said laundry must be boring? Sure, it's not the most exciting part of our routine, but that doesn't mean your laundry bin has to be a snooze-fest. Swap out that plain old plastic laundry basket for a snazzy log holder.

Imagine all your dirty clothes neatly stacked in a rustic log basket. It's got space, it's got style, and it beats a run-of-the-mill laundry bin. Next time you do laundry, do it in style with a repurposed log basket and some serious fashion game!

4) The ultimate toy box for your little ones

Wovenhill wicker log basket filled with childrens toys

Ever stepped on a toy car or a piece of LEGO and felt your soul leave your body? Well, we've got just the solution – a log basket! It's the perfect, cool hideout for all those toys that love to roam freely around the house.

All your child's teddy bears, building blocks, action figures, you name it – can all have a comfy spot in a log basket. And the best part? A log basket with an open design means that kids can easily spot and grab their favourite toys. Plus, it looks way cooler (and is much kinder to the environment) than those standard plastic toy boxes. So, grab a log basket, chuck in those toys, and say goodbye to the era of toy landmines!

5) Give your crafty corner a makeover

Attention, crafters! We all know how those craft supplies can pile up – and finding them when you need them can be a bit like a treasure hunt. How about giving them a stylish new home? Yep, you guessed it – a log basket to the rescue!

A log basket can hold it all, whether it's your knitting needles and yarn, paints and brushes, or glitter galore. With a spacious log basket, you can keep all your craft stuff in one place, and it looks great, too! It'll turn your craft chaos into a crafty corner that's super practical and easy on the eyes.

6) Keep your magazines tidy

Are your favourite magazines scattered around? Well, it's time to gather them up and give them the home they deserve -in a pretty log basket! It's the perfect way to show off your magazine collection and add a touch of style to any room.

Stack them up nicely in a log basket and place them by your favourite armchair or coffee table. It'll not only make it easier for you to grab a good read, but it can also double up as a chic decorative piece, making you the envy of your guests.

7) Cosy blanket holder for chilly evenings

Grey Wash Rectangular Log Basket with Wooden Handles

Cold nights call for cosy blankets, right? But where do you store those fluffy, comforting throws when you're not using them? You guessed it – a log basket!

Think about it – if you don't need a space to store logs, a rustic log basket filled with your softest, warmest blankets is the perfect piece to sit right next to your favourite couch. It's super handy for those Netflix binge-watching nights when you want to snuggle up and get comfy. Plus, it gives any space a cosy and welcoming vibe.

8) Keep your entryway clutter-free

Wovenhill Wicker basket used for shoe storage

Are you tired of tripping over a jumble of shoes near your doorway? Here's a quick fix – you guessed it - a log basket! With its sturdy build and roomy design, a log basket is a super shoe storage option.

Just line up your favourite kicks in the basket, and voila! Your entryway looks tidy, and your shoes are easy to find. Plus, it's a real conversation starter. Who'd have thought a log basket could make such a trendy shoe rack? Kick your shoe clutter to the curb and give your footwear a fabulous new home.

No logs? No problem! Log baskets don't have to be restricted to storing firewood only.

Whether you don't have a log burner, have more baskets than you need for firewood, or are just looking for a unique and stylish storage idea, Wovenhill log baskets are a seriously versatile solution.

Shop the range today and discover all the different ways to use a log basket around your home.



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