Stylish and Functional Shoe Storage Ideas

Stylish and Functional Shoe Storage Ideas

Your footwear says a lot about you, so why not give it the royal treatment with innovative storage solutions? These ideas will turn your shoe collection into an organised, stylish, and easy-to-access dream. 

In this guide, we’ll dive into innovative storage ideas to keep your shoes out of sight and explore ways to make them look as fabulous as they are functional. Whether you’ve got a humble collection of everyday shoes or a lavish selection of heels, we’ll show you how to turn your shoe collection into a harmonious, well-organised part of your home’s decor. 

Why Use Baskets for Shoe Storage?

a set of two seagrass baskets filled with shoes and placed under the stairs. The walls are a sage green colour and the floor is black and white tiles.

Let’s talk about baskets for shoe storage. They’re more than just handy containers – they’re your secret weapon for storing shoes in style. With all shapes, sizes, and styles (including a pretty decent selection here at Wovenhill), there’s a perfect basket waiting to swoop in and solve your shoe clutter crisis.

What’s more, baskets are great for keeping your shoes organised and easy to find. Got a big family or a few housemates, and all your shoes are getting mixed up? Don’t worry about it! Just assign a shoe basket to each person. It’ll make finding shoes a breeze and help keep everything tidy and out of the way.  

Where to Put Your Shoe Storage Baskets

A large wicker basket placed in an entryway with white walls, wood panelling, coat hooks, and a wooden laminate floor. There is a potted plant placed in the corner next to the front door and two cushions placed on the basket.


Where you put your baskets makes a huge difference. Luckily, our wicker baskets are perfect for placing in many locations around the home. Here are a few ideas:

  • Under a bench: Benches are natural spots for putting on and removing your shoes. So, stash a few wicker baskets underneath to keep your shoes and boots ready for action but out of sight.
  • Bottom of the wardrobe: Got some shoes you don’t wear that often? A basket at the bottom of your wardrobe is ideal for keeping them out of the way until you need them.
  • Entryway: Perfect for outdoor or gardening shoes. A wicker basket not only looks great in your hallway or front porch, but it’ll keep the mud and dirt contained, and your shoes will be right there when you’re ready to head out.

Baskets Aren’t Just for Storage

A white corner bench featuring two square wicker baskets underneath. There is white panellingon the walls with coat hooks. On the bench as several cushions in neutral tones.


Baskets aren’t just practical choices for storing shoes – they can also be a stylish addition to your home. They bring a bit of texture and colour, giving your space an earthy, homely feel. Play around with different baskets to find the ones that suit your home décor style.

Win With Wicker Baskets for Shoes

What kind of baskets are best for your shoe storage? We might be biased here at Wovenhill, but we have to recommend wicker baskets, of course! They’re not just for storing blankets or toting picnic sandwiches anymore; these baskets are your ultimate hack for keeping shoes sorted and stylish.

Why Wicker?

Wicker baskets aren’t your ordinary baskets – they’re something special for your home. They have a unique woven look that makes them super stylish and easy to fit in with any home décor. Whether you’re going for a farmhouse, Scandinavian, or minimalist look, wicker baskets will look right at home.

And the best part? Wicker baskets are as tough as they are trendy, meaning they can easily handle even your heaviest hiking boots or high heels without breaking a sweat.

Tailor-Made for Your Shoes

No two shoe collections are the same, so why should shoe storage be one-size-fits-all? You can customise your shoe storage to fit your needs with storage baskets. Flip-flops and slippers can snuggle up in smaller baskets, while boots and high-heels are at home in a big wicker storage hamper.

But why stop there? You can even label each basket to make finding the right pair of shoes effortless. Whether you’re trying to find a home for your party heels or those knee-high boots that always fall over, there’s a basket that’s up to the task.

How to Keep Your Shoe Storage Baskets Organised

A white bench placed in an entryway with green walls. The bench is white with a wooden top, with four shelves that have wicker baskets placed inside. There are coats hanging above on the wall.

Wicker baskets for your shoes are great for keeping all your footwear out of sight and off the floor in your home. But the last thing you want is for the inside of your storage baskets to be a hot mess. Well, the good news is that if you’re ready to take your shoe storage up a notch, there are plenty of options to keep the inside of your baskets organised, too. Some of our favourite options include dividers and inserts.

These nifty little additions to your storage baskets will seriously up your organisation game. Place them inside the basket and let them keep all your shoes in their own space so there are no mix-ups. Plus, they help your shoes keep their shape and stay looking fresh – no more bent boots or squished sneakers!

You can buy pre-made dividers and inserts or get crafty and make your own. Fabric, cardboard, or even old shoe boxes make excellent dividers. You can tailor them to the exact size of your basket or even colour-code or label them for easy shoe-finding.

How to Style Your Shoe Storage Baskets

A white bench close up featuring three shelves with wicker baskets inside. The bench has a natural wooden seat. The floor is soft oak wood effect and there is cream panelling on the wall behind.

Let’s take a moment to talk about style. We’ve covered how to keep your shoe storage baskets organised, but what about making them look fabulous too? After all, functional can undoubtedly be fashionable. Whether your taste leans towards the chic and modern or the rustic and vintage, there’s a way to style your shoe storage baskets to match your unique style.

Play with Colours

First things first: consider the colour and texture of your baskets. This can make a huge difference in how they vibe with your space. Do you love natural, earthy tones? Pick baskets in hues like natural brown to bring a little of the outdoors in. Prefer a minimalist, modern look? Stick to baskets in soft, grey tones.

Create Visual Interest with Sizes

One size does not fit all, especially when it comes to style. Mix and match different sizes of baskets for a visually exciting display. Larger baskets can hold boots and bulkier shoes, while smaller ones are perfect for flats and sandals. Interestingly arrange them, perhaps by alternating large and small baskets or stacking them neatly on a shelf.

Labels: Fun and Functional Décor

Labels can be both decorative and practical. Use a pretty script or bold block letters to distinguish baskets between each family member or the type of shoes inside. You could even get creative with chalkboard labels or tags tied with colourful ribbons. This way, you add a personalised touch while keeping your shoes easy to find.

Enhance with Accessories

Who said baskets should only hold shoes? Go with lidded baskets and add decorative items like plants, photo frames, or small sculptures on top. Lightweight accessories are easy to move out of the way when you need to get to your shoes. Or, place decorative items like a large potted plant next to your shoe baskets. This helps to integrate your shoe storage into your home décor, making it an essential part of the overall aesthetic rather than just a storage solution.

Our Favourite Wovenhill Wicker Baskets for Shoe Storage

Set of 2 Square Seagrass Baskets

Two large empty seagrass baskets placed underneath stairs with green walls. There is a cream runner on the stairs and a black handrail. The floor is black and white tiled effect.

Set of Two Seagrass Storage Baskets - Buy Now

These baskets are the stylish storage solution you’ve been waiting for – and they’re ready to help you transform your shoe organisation game. Whether you place them on your porch, under the stairs, or in your trusty IKEA Kallax unit, they’re a super versatile storage solution for all kinds of shoes.

Let’s start with how lovely these baskets are. Made from sustainable Seagrass, they have a beautiful, natural look that’s bound to complement any décor. The texture of Seagrass adds an earthy touch, while the stylish hole handles give them a unique, modern twist. If you need proof that practical can be pretty, here it is!

What’s more, these baskets have a massive capacity. They’re roomy enough to house your shoes comfortably, but their potential doesn’t stop there. Think about other everyday items needing a home – scarves, hats, pet toys, or craft supplies. These Seagrass baskets are versatile enough to handle all kinds of clutter while looking chic.

Wicker Grey Wash Hamper

A wicker grey wash hamper placed in a living room with navy walls. It is next to a white fireplace and there is a white sofa in front. There are two pictures hanging on the wall behind, and there is a lamp with a white shade placed on top of the hamper.

Wicker Grey Wash Hamper - Buy Now

Are you on the hunt for a stylish, versatile storage solution to keep all your shoes organised in one place? Look no further – the Wicker Grey Wash Hamper is the perfect piece for you. This modern, chic storage trunk promises to spruce up your shoe organisation and add an elegant touch to your home décor.

The first thing you’ll notice about this wicker trunk is the stylish blend of classic and contemporary design. The wicker gives it a timeless, warm appeal, while the modern colour options ensure it complements your décor perfectly.

But this wicker trunk isn’t just about the aesthetics. The practical features are where it truly shines. It comes fully assembled, saving you the hassle of complicated instructions or missing parts. The inset handles make it easy to move around, and the hinged lid means you can access your shoes (or any other items you choose to store) quickly and conveniently.

Set of 2 Square Kubu Storage Baskets

A laundry room area with high shelves featuring three Kubu storage baskets. There is a wooden bench with black rubber boots underneath. The floor has decorative black and white tiles and the walls are off white. In the background there is a washing machine and dryer with shelves above.

Set of 2 Square Kubu Storage Baskets - Buy Now

If you’re looking for a stylish yet versatile storage solution perfect for flip-flops, slippers, and smaller shoes, this Set of 2 Kubu Storage Baskets could be just what you need. These gorgeous baskets are perfect for organising your footwear and other knick-knacks. They’re so stylish you’ll be proud to keep them on display.

One of the standout features of these baskets is their natural, earthy aesthetic. Crafted from sustainable natural Kubu rattan, these baskets blend effortlessly with any décor style, whether modern, rustic, or eclectic. Their warm, neutral tones add a touch of organic elegance to your space that’s simply irresistible.

Don’t be fooled by the pretty face, though – these baskets are tough. Thanks to the robust Kubu rattan, you can rely on them to stand up to everyday use. Whether you’re storing your favourite sneakers, delicate sandals, or a mixture of shoes and accessories, these baskets can handle it all.

Sort Your Shoe Storage Woes with Wovenhill

Don’t let your beautiful shoes stay hidden in the back of a wardrobe or end up in a pile on the floor. With our range of practical and stunning wicker storage baskets and trunks, you can store them in the open, elevating your home’s décor while keeping your footwear out of the way and in tip-top shape.

Explore our range of storage baskets and trunks today and discover the joy of beautiful, functional shoe storage. Let’s turn that shoe chaos into shoe harmony, one basket at a time!

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