Why Rattan Makes the Best Storage Products

Why Rattan Makes the Best Storage Products

It’s no secret that there are tons of storage products readily available to purchase, but why settle when you can have the best? 

We’re going to explain why rattan makes for the best storage products available on the market, and why you should be using them in your home. 

Read on to find out why rattan makes the best storage products…

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Rattan storage products are beautiful 

Who said that you couldn’t organise your home in style? No matter what option you decide to go for, rattan storage products are very visually appealing when created with care. 

For example, at Wovenhill, all of our rattan products are handwoven to an exceptional standard. Rattan can be used to make a variety of different sized and shaped storage products, especially when they are handwoven. 

Rattan is naturally rustic in appearance, thanks to its warm toasted brown colouring. If the natural colour of rattan wouldn’t suit your home decor, you’ll also be able to find rattan storage products in a more neutral pastel grey wash tone. 

What’s more, rattan storage products can be used as you see fit, whether it’s for decoration and/or practical purposes. So, if you’re looking to add a homely warmth to your home without having to compromise on functionality - rattan products are the answer.


Rattan is water resistant 

Rattan growth thrives in wet regions, so it’s naturally water resistant. 

Additionally, rattan is also naturally resistant to fungi growth. So, If you’re looking for storage products that will withstand the occasional splash, rattan should be your material of choice. It’s important to note that although rattan is water resistant, it is not fully waterproof. To keep your rattan products in good condition - be sure not to leave them exposed to wet weather conditions for a lengthy amount of time.

Rattan is an extremely durable and lightweight material 

There’s nothing worse than overly bulky and heavy storage products. Rattan storage products offer superb structural support, as it is a highly durable and sturdy material. It’s one of the many reasons why it makes the perfect material to use for storage products!

Storage products made from rattan have an exceptional advantage over other options available, as products will still be lightweight without having to compromise on durability and sturdiness. Premium rattan products will last years, if not decades!

Rattan is cost-effective

You’ve likely purchased storage products made from plastic in your lifetime. Don’t worry, we’ve all fallen victim to a bargain. And if you have, you’ll know just how flimsy and unreliable this material can be when used as a storage product - not to mention how easily it tarnishes! 

If you decide to stick with plastic or other commonly used materials, in the long run, it’ll mean that you’ll likely end up spending more money than is needed.

The alternative is to invest in high quality storage products, so your future self won’t have to worry about having to find replacements so frequently. 

Although high-quality rattan storage products may have a higher cost initially, it’s worth it. It isn’t far-fetched to assume that rattan products will last for decades, and they require very minimal maintenance. 

There’s a reason as to why rattan is so popular for storage products - it’s tough! This means that it won’t tarnish easily (when cared for), and it’ll appear just as pristine as the day you bought it!

Low maintenance

Following on from the above, rattan storage products require very little maintenance to keep them looking in top condition. 

You may find that with other materials, you’ll need to stock up on specially designed cleaning products. When you opt for rattan, you’ll rest assured knowing that this will never be the case. 

In fact, you might be pleasantly surprised by just how little rattan products need to maintain their functionality and pristine appearance. If you find any smudges, simply wipe them down with soapy water. Otherwise, a light dusting will suffice.

Rattan can be made to suit your needs

There’s nothing worse than purchasing new storage products to go with your units, only to find out that they don’t fit or slot in well. At Wovenhill, all of our products are made to fit the most commonly used storage units, such as Ikea additions. 

This means that when you purchase beautiful storage pieces from us - you won’t have to worry about them not fitting. They’re guaranteed to slot right in, almost as if they were made for your unit. 

Rattan is an environmentally friendly option

In comparison to other options available, rattan does not have any significant negative impact on the environment. This is because rattan is a material that can be recycled in its entirety, as it is an organic biodegradable material. 

In addition, rattan is harvested from a climbing plant that grows very quickly. This means that the rattan that is harvested is quickly replaced by new growth. 

If you’re aware of the current negative effects our world is currently facing, you’ll know that deforestation is a serious problem. Other storage products will directly contribute to deforestation, using timber that can take up to 30 years to grow back and replace fully - so it’s more important than ever that materials are sourced sustainably and ethically.

Wovenhill: the home of quality rattan wicker baskets

We hope you’ve found our article on why rattan makes the best storage products useful. Explore the rest of our site to see our complete range of rattan wicker storage products. 

Please also take a look at our baskets made from seagrass and bamboo too! 

Remember, all of our storage items are made exclusively for Wovenhill. We control stock, quality and design, so if you’re after the best wicker storage products, choose Wovenhill!



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