What to Put In Christmas Hampers

What to Put In Christmas Hampers

With Christmas fast approaching, this time of year is when people start to brainstorm on what they’ll be gifting their loved ones. So don’t worry, you aren’t leaving it until the last minute! 

If you’re looking for a Christmas gift idea that’ll stand out, why not try creating your own Christmas hampers? 

Christmas hampers are renowned for being thoughtful, perfect for those looking to share festive cheer through meaningful and personalised gifts. 

Read on to discover what to put in Christmas hampers…

What is a Christmas hamper?

A Christmas hamper is, generally speaking, a quality woven basket that’s filled with gifts. There are no rules on what type of gifts you can place within a Christmas hamper, however, some popular hamper themes include:

  • Assortments of quality sweet treats. 
  • Cheese and wine hampers. 
  • Self-care hampers. 
  • Toy-filled hampers. 

Take the above with a pinch of salt, as you can fill a Christmas hamper with whatever you like! After all, you’re gifting to someone you’re close to - so you’ll know which types of gifts to include better than anyone. 

Gifts inside a hamper are usually accompanied by decorative paper or filling. This is to help with making the Christmas hamper appear ‘fuller’ and more visually appealing.

You can purchase pre-made Christmas gift hampers, however, it’s much more special to make your own. And usually more cost-effective, too! Plus, you’ll have control over the contents of the Christmas gift hamper, which is the perfect opportunity to create a truly thoughtful gift. 

Christmas hamper ideas 

If you’re considering DIY Christmas hampers for your nearest and dearest, you’re in the right place. See below for a few festive examples. 

The homemade goodie hamper

Are you quite the baker? If so, why not try an assortment of homemade treats to go inside your Christmas hampers? 

A homemade goodies hamper is a great, cost-effective way to show your loved ones you appreciate them this year. Plus, you’ll be able to create an assortment of Christmas-themed homemade goods that are sure to go down a treat!

A simple search on the web will reveal an abundance of easy-to-follow recipes, with a variety of sweet and savoury options to choose from. 

For inspiration, see below for several homemade treat ideas:

  • Christmas-themed cookies. 
  • Gingerbread men. 
  • Snowy chocolate cupcakes. 
  • Fig and walnut slices. 
  • Festive shortbread. 
  • Christmas tree-shaped brownies. 
  • Homemade mince pies. 
  • Eggnog. 

The finest foods hamper 

If spending time in the kitchen whipping up homemade goodies doesn’t sound like your idea of fun, why not opt for a hamper filled with premium foods and beverages?

This would be an ideal gift for those who wouldn’t usually go out of their way to spoil themselves but adore the idea of trying new, mouth-watering goodies. From artisan cheeses and gourmet treats to luxury wines and pastries, this is a great hamper option for those looking to create a gift with the wow factor. 

Top tip - to go the extra mile, we recommend sourcing from small business producers or fine food specialists for a luxurious touch. 

The cheese and wine hamper 

If you know your loved one is a fan of a great wine and cheese combo over the festive season, you can’t go wrong with a cheese and wine hamper. 

Perfect for sophisticated palates, you can tailor it to the preferences of your loved one, whilst also introducing them to a variety of new flavours to savour. 

For example, Brie, Camembert and a crumbly Cheddar are popular choices amongst quality Christmas cheese and wine hampers. 

However, if you’re looking to make your DIY hamper extra special, include a classic Stilton and add flavours that complement these cheeses. For example, adding figs or a quality cranberry sauce would be the perfect accompaniment to this type of hamper. 

As far as wines go, only you will know which wine is their favourite. And, when you’re creating a DIY Christmas hamper - you’ll be able to only include wines you wholeheartedly know they’ll thoroughly enjoy over the festive season. 

If you’re not certain of their fizz of choice, go with a quality red! 

The eco-friendly Christmas hamper 

If your loved one is an eco-conscious consumer, creating a DIY Christmas hamper filled with sustainable goodies is a very thoughtful gift. Whether it’s a trip to your local market or a search on the web, there’s no shortage of sustainable Christmas gift options. 

The contents of an eco-friendly Christmas hamper will ultimately depend on the individual and their interests. However, you can’t go wrong with the essentials! For example, reusable coffee cups may be a useful gift, or even a selection of self-care products (e.g. candles, face creams, hair masks) made by a sustainable business can be a great choice. 

If you choose Wovenhill for your Christmas hamper, you can rest assured that our hampers are sustainably sourced, and handcrafted using natural materials.


The bundle of fun hamper

Are you looking for gift ideas for children? Whether it is for your nieces, nephews or your own children, a toy-filled hamper will put a smile on any little one’s face! 

We recommend including a range of toys that follow a theme to create a truly special bundle-style hamper. 

For example, if the child adores dinosaurs, you’ll be able to include a wide range of toys that follow the dinosaur theme. From clothing items to educational toys and books, there’s an abundance of options for child-friendly Christmas hampers. 

Wovenhill: the home of premium quality hampers

If you’re feeling inspired to create your very own Christmas hampers for loved ones, you’re in the right place. 

At Wovenhill, we’re proud to offer the finest quality woven hampers on the market, handcrafted to perfection from sustainable materials.  

Perfect for those looking for an extravagant gift idea, our entire selection of premium hampers ooze luxury and style. And the best part is that your gift receivers can keep the hamper for durable and long-lasting home storage. 

See below for a taste of what our luxury hampers range has to offer.  

Wicker Grey Wash Hamper

The ideal option for those looking for a hamper with a contemporary touch. Our Wicker Grey Wash Hamper is available in a range of sizes, and it’ll arrive fully assembled and ready to use. 

Deceivingly spacious and handcrafted to perfection from the finest Rattan on the market, this hamper benefits from inset handles and a fully hinged lid. 

“This hamper is just brilliant. I can’t believe how big it is and how much ‘stuff’ it holds.” - verified customer. 

Wicker Grey Wash Hamper - shop now.

Wicker Bronze Hamper

If you’re looking for a more traditional-style Christmas present, look no further than our Wicker Bronze Hamper! 

This hamper option features a deep bronze colour finish, oozing style and timeless elegance. Similar to our Grey Wash Hamper, this option will also arrive to you fully assembled and ready to use, benefiting from inset handles and a fully hinged lid. 

This premium quality hamper is ultra-durable and made to accommodate a large volume of items. Depending on how large you want your DIY Christmas hamper to be, you’ll be able to choose from a range of size options.

“Delighted with the hamper. Much better quality than the plastic-looking ones on the High Street.” - verified customer. 

Wicker Bronze Hamper - shop now.

Shop luxury hampers at Wovenhill today

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