How to Measure a Basket

How to Measure a Basket

At Wovenhill, we've been sure to offer specific product dimensions for all of our storage solutions, which can be found in the tab underneath the product description. 

However, this information may mean nothing to you if you’re unsure on how to accurately measure a storage basket! 

We’re here to help shed some light on how you can do so as precisely as possible. Read on to discover how to measure a basket…

Wovenhill storage baskets 

Before we start, it’s important to know that because all of our storage baskets are carefully hand woven using natural materials, the product dimensions can slightly vary. Because of this, we ask that you allow for a 3cm variation.

Please note that the 3cm variation within our measurement information applies to both internal and external dimensions.

Fantastic log basket, perfect size and a great price. The wooden handles give it that finishing touch. Very fast delivery too thank you. - verified customer. 

How to measure a Wovenhill storage product 

At Wovenhill, we provide all of our measurement information in centimetres. If you would prefer to measure in inches, please note that 1cm is roughly equivalent to 0.39 inches. 

Our measurement information found within each product description includes: 

  • Width - measure this section from left to right. 
  • Depth - measure this section from front to back. 
  • Height - measure this section from the floor to the top. If the storage product has a lid and/or handles, ensure that you allow for these within your measurements unless the description states otherwise.

If you need additional help with measuring accurately for our storage products, please view the image provided below.

Our selection of storage baskets 

At Wovenhill, we’re committed to being the place to go for premium storage baskets. All of our storage products are made using the best natural materials on the market to ensure that we deliver a premium standard. 

This includes the use of Kubu Rattan, Water Hyacinth, and of course, high-quality and ethically-sourced Rattan. We also make sure that we can cater to the individual needs of our customers, with a variety of size and colour options available. 

Our selection includes: 

To give you a feel of what’s on offer, we’ve included several examples of what you can expect to see when you browse the rest of our website below. 

Set of 2 Square Willow Baskets 

To start, we have our beautiful Set of 2 Square Willow Baskets - the perfect storage solution feature for shelving units.

Whether it’s to add to existing furniture or a shelving unit that looks a little bare, this versatile set can truly enhance the appearance of any furniture that it’s paired with. What’s more, this stunning set features two useful inset handles on each basket and will arrive fully assembled. 

To ensure a perfect match to your existing colour scheme, this set is available in two gorgeous colours, which include a beautiful bronze shade and a contemporary grey tone. 

Dimensions available include: 

  • Individual basket external dimensions - W33 x D35 x H65cm.
  • Internal Dimensions - W43 x D33 x H63cm.

Note - the above dimensions apply to a single basket.

Seagrass Rattan Laundry Basket 

Next, we’re proud to introduce our stunning Seagrass Rattan Laundry Basket - the perfect balance between stylish and functional. 

Not only is this laundry basket ultra-stylish in appearance, but it’ll also make doing the laundry easier than ever, thanks to inset handles and the fully hinged lid. 

Additionally, our gorgeous Seagrass Rattan Laundry Basket is made to a premium standard, with a washable and removable pure cotton liner included in the purchase price.

Dimensions available include: 

  • External dimensions - W45 x D35 x H65cm.
  • Internal dimensions - W43 x D33 x H63cm.

Seagrass Rattan Laundry Basket - shop now. 

Kubu Rattan Rectangle Log Basket with Wheels

If you’re looking for a high-quality option that’ll make transporting firewood to and from your fireplace easier than ever, look no further than our Kubu Rattan Rectangle Log Basket with Wheels. 

If you use your fireplace regularly, you’ll likely benefit from a premium quality log basket to go with it - and this option is hard to beat. 

The Kubu Rattan Rectangle Log Basket with Wheels will ensure that you never struggle to transport firewood to and from your fireplace again, thanks to the castor wheels and optional rope carry handles. 

What’s more, this superb log basket is also made from natural Kubu to ensure premium quality, with a useful eco-friendly jute basket liner included in the purchase price. 

Dimensions available include: 

  • Large - External dimensions: (inc handles & wheels) W65 x D37 x H39cm. Internal dimensions: (inc handles) W61 x D32 x H30cm. Wheel Height H8cm.
  • Extra large - External dimensions: (inc handles & wheels) W75 x D48 x H45cm. Internal dimensions: (excl handles) W70 x D42 x H37cm. Wheel Height H8cm

Kubu Rattan Rectangle Log Basket with Wheels - shop now. 


Kubu Rattan Storage Trunk

If you’re on the hunt for a larger storage solution, then you’ll love our Kubu Rattan Storage Trunk - the stylish answer to storing away a significant amount of household items. 

The gorgeous Kubu Rattan Storage Trunk boasts a beautiful neutral colour, sure to slot into any home decor style and/or room setting beautifully.

As well as the stunning appearance, this premium storage trunk also has all of the practical features that you would want from a storage solution - which include a hinged lid, sleek black buckle straps for additional security and inset handle placements. There are also a variety of size options on offer - making it easier than ever to find the perfect storage trunk for you and your lifestyle. 

Dimensions available include: 

  • Medium: external dimensions: W76 x D40 x H43cm. Internal dimensions: W69 x D35 x H38cm.
  • Large: external dimensions: W83 x D47 x H51cm. Internal dimensions: W76 x D41 x H44cm
  • Extra large: external dimensions: W91 x D53 x H56cm. Internal dimensions: W85 x D48 x H51cm.

Kubu Rattan Storage Trunk - shop now. 

Kubu Rattan Rectangular Pet Bed 

Not quite a storage basket, but worth a mention all the same. Give your pet the comfiest spot in the house with our Kubu Rattan Rectangular Pet Bed!

We know just how important it is to find a pet bed that’s ultra-comfortable but also slots into your overall decor perfectly, which is what makes this stunning option a superb choice. 

Whether you’re buying a pet bed for your senior dog or a small cat, they’ll have no problem gaining access to this stunning pet bed for a proper snooze - thanks to the lowered section located at the entrance of the bed. 

This pet bed will arrive fully assembled and ready to use straight away, with a super soft comfort pillow as the base - so that your pet can have the best kip they’ve ever had.  

Dimensions available include: 

  • Large: external dimensions: W75 x D56 x H22cm. Internal dimensions: W70 x D50 x H20cm.
  • Extra large: external dimensions: W90 x D70 x H24cm. Internal dimensions: W85 x D65 x H22cm.


Kubu Rattan Rectangular Pet Bed - shop now. 

We hope you’ve found our guide on how to measure a basket useful.

Feel free to explore the rest of our site to see our complete range of rattan wicker storage products. 

And remember, all of our storage items are made exclusively for Wovenhill. We control stock, quality and design, so if you’re after the best wicker storage products, choose Wovenhill!

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