Getting Organised for University

Getting Organised for University

Whether it is your first time setting foot into your new university home or you are returning after the long summer break, getting organised for the academic year ahead is important. You have bought all of the plates, cutlery, towels, bedding etc. and depending on what course you are doing you may have a multitude of kit, medical paraphernalia, sports gear, art supplies, equine equipment to name a few. On top of this you will have your course books, paperwork and stationery! (We are exhausted just thinking of everything you will need!)

But now you need somewhere to store these items in your room, flat or shared house and you’re sorted. Look no further Wovenhill is here to help! We have a vast selection of storage trunks, shelf baskets, laundry baskets and under-bed storage hampers to choose from.

All of our stunning trunks can be stacked, saving on space! Their huge capacity means that a number of items can be stored, including your course equipment, shoes, and books!

The extremely useful under-bed storage baskets are deceptively spacious. They can be used in a number of places including on top of the wardrobe, utilising the space, keeping everything clean and making them safe to lift up and down as they are secured with buckles.
Our small baskets are ideal for toiletries, stationery, DVD’s, CD’s and the list could go on! Perfect for positioning on shelves, desks and windowsills. Also our selection of sets of 2 square baskets fit perfectly within the square cut outs in a well-known furniture companies units!

AND finally, unfortunately you will start to generate dirty laundry, that every once in a while will need washing! (Boring) But until that time comes we have a selection of laundry baskets, in varying colours, finishes and sizes, allowing you to hide it until you run out of clean socks!
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