Fireplace Design Guide

Fireplace Design Guide

Whether you have a traditional fireplace, log burner or just a mantel and a gap; here are some tips for sprucing up your fireplaces ready for the coming colder seasons.

#1 Simplicity

A few decorative or display items around the fireplace are often more effective than lots of them. Choosing few items carefully, considering a mix of materials, colours and shapes/sizes is the best way to achieve effortless decoration. If you are worried about colour, choose 3 complimenting colours from the surrounding room and use these as a guide for items on your fireplace. Group items in 3s as a simple rule to ensure things look beautiful, yet tidy!

#2 Mix and Match

Don’t be afraid to combine naturally sourced furnishings such as our Natural Kubu Log Baskets with more sleek and modern décor items like vases, pottery or light fixtures. Or perhaps your brand new marble or stone mantel piece could be softened with one of our stunning natural Bamboo Log Baskets with wheels.

#3 Basket Family

Consider grouping different sizes (and even shapes!) of baskets together for kindling, small and larger logs. Take a look at our log basket sets! It’s both a practical way to speed up your fire-building on those cold evenings AND looks great if you have a larger space to fill next to your fireplace.

If you use coal on your fires too, a coal bucket is a lovely traditional item to add to your fireplace arrangement.


#4 Fireless Fireplace

If your mantel/fireplace is non-functional or you have little ones to keep safe, try using an assortment of electric candles at different heights to achieve a more modern and safer glow this winter. Arrange them in your fireplace at different levels to achieve a beautiful candle installation! And don’t forget, a log basket of logs can be just for show! It adds a beautiful traditional feel to a more modern fireplace design like this… Stack round logs end-on for the best looking arrangement.

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