Creative Ways to Use Our Storage Solutions in Every Room

Creative Ways to Use Our Storage Solutions in Every Room

Looking for creative and interesting ways to make the most out of our storage solutions? Well, you’re in the right place. 

There are no rules when it comes to how you choose to use our storage baskets. We’re here to help you think outside the box, in the hopes of showing you just how versatile and worthwhile our incredible ranges of storage solutions are. 

Read on to discover creative ways to use our storage solutions in every room…

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Coffee table alternative

A great way to use our storage solutions would be as a coffee table alternative. The benefits? They look ultra-stylish, you’ll still have a sturdy surface space to use and decorate - whilst also reaping the benefits of having an allocated space for discreet storage. 

Every home can put their own personal stamp on how to use storage solutions as coffee table alternatives. If you take a look at our Instagram page, you’ll see a variety of our customers using our storage solutions for this purpose, all with a slightly different take on how to style it in their homes. 

We would highly recommend our larger storage collections for this purpose, such as our premium storage trunk and hamper solutions. 

Perfectly suited to: living rooms and dining rooms. 

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Side table alternative

Alternatively, if you aren’t quite ready to part with your coffee table just yet - another creative way to use a storage solution would be as a side table alternative. 

When using your storage solution creatively, it doesn’t always have to take centre stage. Take a look at how @7emberhome’s styled our beautiful Wicker Grey Wash Hamper - they’ve successfully transformed it into both discreet storage and as a place to put living room essentials. 

Perfectly suited to: living rooms and bedrooms. 

(Photo credit - @7emberhome) Wicker Grey Wash Hamper - shop now.

Memory box 

This creative idea is a great way of getting the whole family together and involved with decluttering - just in time for the spring cleaning season! 

Items that hold priceless memories and sentimental value deserve a special place where they’ll be kept safe. Just take a quick look at how @renovation.road has used our beautiful Milton Shelf Baskets to organise and store away her family albums, full of memories to look back on. 

Perfectly suited to: bedrooms, offices and living rooms. 

(Photo credit - @renovation.road) Milton Shelf Baskets - shop now. 

Stylish towel holder 

This is a perfect way to use our storage solutions in a creative way. Our products make for the perfect place to store towels - and that’s because our storage solutions are carefully handwoven, allowing items that are stored within to be kept in a breathable environment. This means that items such as towels will remain nice and fresh. 

Now, we’re firm believers that the little details can make a room. And having towels stored in our storage baskets oozes elegance - the perfect finishing touch to a beautiful room. 

Perfectly suited to: utility closets and bathrooms. 

(Photo credit - @homeofthegallaghers_) Kubu Storage Baskets - shop now

Soft furnishing basket 

We’ve always been pretty vocal about our log baskets being a great product for repurposing, and using any of our log basket selection as a snuggle basket is a sure way to add a touch of style and sophistication to a room, and it’s also highly practical. You’ll be able to stuff the basket with warm and cosy pillows and blankets that you know you’ll use.  

So, when you find yourself curled up on the sofa watching a great series on Netflix, or you’re cosy in bed and could do with a little extra warmth - all you have to do is reach for your snuggle basket for an extra touch of comfort.

Perfectly suited to: living rooms, bedrooms and snugs. 

(Photo credit - @dionnecraighome) Oval Grey Wash Log Basket - shop now. 

Pantry organiser

Another creative way to use our storage solutions, particularly our shelving baskets, would be as pantry organisers. If you look at the image below, you’ll see a stunning example of what we call pantry goals. 

The influencer @old_cottage_life shared a beautiful way of creating a thought-out and well-organised space - even going as far as to label the baskets to find items easily. We don’t know about you, but we’re seriously jealous! 

We wouldn’t recommend sticking our storage solutions in the fridge, of course. But there’s no reason why they can’t be used to organise any of your kitchen cupboards! The more organised the better we say. 

Perfectly suited to: kitchens and dedicated pantry cupboards. 

(Photo credit - @old_cottage_life) Milton Shelf Baskets - shop now. 

Discreet shoe storage 

As hallway spaces and walk-in closets tend to be smaller in comparison to other rooms within a home, you’ll want storage solutions that suit a smaller space. In other words, nothing too chunky! The key in this scenario is to make it a stylish detail - and @arlo_vizdog has provided a beautiful example of this in the image below. 

We would recommend storage solutions that are there for practical use in these types of rooms, with the goal being to achieve a decluttered space in a creative way. 

Perfectly suited to: hallways, bedrooms and walk-in closets. 

(Photo credit - @arlo_vizdog) Square Kubu Storage Baskets - shop now


If you’re the type of person who loves to maintain organisation within your home, you’ll love this idea. 

It’s no secret that children’s playrooms can become very messy at times - which isn’t a bad thing. Toys all over the room suggests that time has been spent having lots of fun! However, once your little cub is all played out, having a place where their toys can be stored away safely and securely is always beneficial, as it prevents anything from going missing, whilst also helping to restore the room into a neat and tidy space.

We would recommend our larger storage solutions (e.g premium trunks or hampers) for this purpose, as you’ll always have plenty of space to add more toys to the collection. 

Perfectly suited to: children’s playroom and bedrooms. 

(Photo credit - @homes4nomesWicker Grey Wash Hamper - shop now

We hope you’ve found our blog on creative ways you can make the most out of your storage solutions useful.

Explore the rest of our site to see our complete range of log baskets.

And Remember, all of our storage items are made exclusively for Wovenhill. We control stock, quality and design, so if you’re after the best wicker storage products, choose Wovenhill!

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