How Do You Repair Rattan?

Rattan, albeit rarely, can fall victim to a little breakage now and then. So, if this happens to your household storage items – how do you go about repairing them?  We’re here to help. Read on to find out how to easily repair rattan… Kubu Oval Log Basket – shop now.  How often are repairs needed with rattan products?  The…

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Buying Guide: Laundry Baskets

Laundry baskets are arguably one of the most important household items to have in your home, as they likely will be used most days.  If you’re struggling to find a laundry basket that suits the needs of your household, we’re here to help. We’ve devised a buying guide, to ensure that you invest in a laundry basket that’ll last this…

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Log Baskets Buying Guide

Fireplaces (or log burners) are the focal point of any room they feature in. And if you’re a fan of getting cosy in front of the warm fire on a chilly night, you’ll know how important it is to have access to quality accessories – including a worthwhile log basket.  With so much choice readily available, it can be difficult…

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